we made it



i watch;
30 rock, alias, angel, the big bang theory, bones, castle, chuck, doctor who, frasier, friends, fringe, house, how i met your mother, the it crowd, lost, the mentalist, modern family, ncis, the office, parks and recreation, remington steele, scrubs, smallville, true blood, warehouse 13, white collar, the x-files

i ship;
vaughn/sydney (alias), angel/cordelia (angel), sheldon/penny (the big bang theory), booth/brennan (bones), castle/beckett (castle) chuck/sarah (chuck) ten/rose, eleven/amy, doctor/river (doctor who), ross/rachel (friends), peter/olivia (fringe), house/cuddy (house), roy/jen (the it crowd), jack/kate (lost), jane/lisbon (the mentalist), tony/ziva (ncis), jim/pam (the office), ben/leslie (parks and recreation), remington/laura (remington steele), j.d/elliot (scrubs), clark/lois (smallville), pete/myka (warehouse 13) neal/sara (white collar), mulder/scully (the x-files)
"a-lonely-grey-couch", "clark-kent's-tour-of-the-galaxy", "doing-the-virtual-karma-sutra-with-clark-kent", "i-got-off-the-plane", "i-want-to-go-to-there", "that's-not-even-a-word!!", "the-button-for-the-internet!", "was-it-something-i-said?", "we-pronounce-it-pee-tree", 05/05/05 parties, 1960's, 1990's, 30 rock, 4815162342, 70 year love affair, 80's p.i shows, 90s dance music, agent michael scarn, awesome, baby!tuna, banter banter, bat birth control, bears. beets. battlestar galactica., blerg, bobblehead dolls, bones, boom! roasted!, booth/brennan, booth/brennan-kissing-in-the-rain, buck and wanda moosejaw, catherine tate, chandler bing, chris o'dowd, clark-kent-and-lois-lane's-epicness, clark/lois, cocky belt buckles, craphole island, daily planet, dancing bananas, dancing phalanges, david tennant, dick van dyke show, doctor pritty hairs, don't freak out, driving cars into lakes, dunder mifflin, elitist bitches, epic duos of epicness, eye sex, fandom collisions, fangirling cary grant, film noir, flönkerton, forever-wishing-it-was-the-90's-again, friends, ftw!, fuck yeah, getting caught in nets, graphic design, gregory peck, hate ball, he knew!, hot-men-in-blue-shirts, ice-skating with seeley booth, icy calm, idk what that means, idolising jennifer aniston, italian food, jack/kate, jen/roy, jim halpert, jim halpert's disco stick, jim halpert's hair, jim halpert/me, jim/pam, john krasinski, john krasinski's grin, legendary, lemoñadé, lobsters, lost, making-out-in-the-copy-room, maple donuts, me lobe yoy, mr. steele, mulder it's me, mustard yellow shirts, my dull ass laughing, old movies, olive tree branches, omgwtfpolarbears, orly?, pam pong, pb&j, penis von lesbian, phonebooths, poor richard's, pretzel day, queen elizabeth i, rachel green, raining sleeping bags, really obvious anvils, referencing-situations-to-movies-ala-mr.-steele, remington steele, rob and laura petrie, ross geller, ross geller's sandwich, ross/rachel, roy/jen, ryan started the fire, schrute bucks, schrute farms, scranton party, screwball comedies, sheldon/penny, shirtless!jim, shows about spies, since 1938, smallville, spamster, spiderface, squeaky chairs, stanley nickels, staplers in jello, stephen fry, suit up, superman, support the rabid, sure fine whatever, tennant-tate, that's what she said, the dundies, the it crowd, the nard dog, the numbers are bad, the office, the tardis, the x-files, three hole punch jim, tnetennba, transponster, tripping over ottomans, using-'steele'-instead-of-'steal'-or-'steel', very good bread, world's-largest-ball-of-yarn, writing on bathroom walls, young jimmy stewart