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just a copy of an imitation.

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Cylon groupie
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freaky deakies need love too.
freak. weirdo. kook. oddball. crackpot. strange duck. weird potato. nut.
i've been reading the dictionary. i don't sleep.


24, 30 rock, 4 8 15 16 23 42, absolutely fabulous, ack attack's lost recaps, adelle dewitt, aimee mann, alan rickman's voice, alec baldwin, arrested development, ashes to ashes, bad girls, baddies, band of brothers, battlestar galactica, bear mccreary, being a reclusive wanker, bernard black, big damn heroes, bisexuality, black books, bob loblaw's law blog, brother justin, btvs, burnt orange & mustard yellow, cain/gina, can't stop the signal, captain tightpants, carnivàle, cat power|chan marshall, comics, cyloncest, cylons, david lynch, deadwood, dollhouse, douglas adams, dr. manhattan, dylan moran, dylan moran's hair, eddies in the spacetime continuum, ellen ripley, elphaba/g(a)linda, eva green, eyepatches, famke janssen, farscape, fictional incest, fingersmith, firefly, french & saunders, fuck a monkey!, futurama, gaius/six, gene genie/bollyknickers, getting boozy with the tighs, glasses aka sexspecks, going off on tangents, guillermo del toro, hairporn, handporn, harry potter, hating ship names, having delusions of robotness, helena cain, hellboy, hot alien chicks, i don't know what that means, i find lentils completely incomprehensible, it's a cylon trick!, jack sparrow look-alikes, jack/juliet, jack/liz, jeff beal, jennifer saunders, jensen ackles, john/cameron, johnny depp, joss is boss, jossverse, judging you by your userpics, justin/iris, knifeporn, lord of the rings, lost, marvin the paranoid android, michelle forbes, mulder it's me, mulholland drive, music that sounds good, nc-17, oh and hugh jackman, olivia williams, opeth, pan galactic gargle blasters, pitter-patter-of-tiny-feet-in-huge-combat-boots, popcorn that produces a dizzying high, pretending to be interesting, pretty people looking down, procrastination, red/liz, river's feet, robosexuals, robot identity crisis, ryan reynolds, sawyer/juliet (...kate who??), scorpius, scorpius/sikozu, sean maher/sean maher's hands, set condition one throughout the ship, severus snape, sheldon cooper, simon/river, summer glau, summerrrrrrrrr!!!, supernatural, t-bag's hot tongue action, talking to myself, that troublesome one-armed creature, the big bang theory, the cast of firefly, the fragile body of gaius baltar, the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, the rural juror, the sarah connor chronicles, the wacky belyakov family, there are many copies, tim burton, tina fey, toasters with great-looking legs, tricia helfer, true blood, tuomas holopainen, tv's angel, twin peaks, unproductive all-nighters, unresolved sexual tension, von hertzen brothers, wasting my potential, watchmen, weeds, why fox?! whyyyyyy??!!, why so hot summerbot?, wicked the musical 'cause it's so gay, will & grace, wonderfalls, x-files, x-men, xena, xenomorphs

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