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29 December 2014 @ 06:17 pm


Comment to be added.

Hello, random visitor!
Things you must know about me and this livejournal: I mostly write about tv shows, movies, books, music and things I like. British stuff has a special place in my heart. Sometimes I write about me and my life. Right now, I watch and write mostly about Doctor Who.

Icons, graphics and textures I've made in the past (and may do in the future) will always be available.

Thank you. Goodnight. See you soon.
26 December 2013 @ 04:30 pm
CIAO MATT! I will miss my Doctor so much :((((((
11 September 2013 @ 05:49 pm

I'll start by saying that I've mostly enjoyed it so far. Series 1 was THE BEST OF THE BEST, then it all went slowly down, to the point where it's really hard not to define it like a sophisticated, storically accurate, infinitely intriguing, superbly acted, costumed...dramatization...of a...soap opera.
It already had some elements of it since the beginning but, in my opinion, it started mostly a good costume drama, written incredibly well.

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02 June 2013 @ 10:38 am
We knew this had to come someday, but it is anyway REALLY out of the blue news.

The BBC is today announcing that Matt Smith is to leave Doctor Who after four incredible years on the hit BBC One show. Matt first stepped into the TARDIS in 2010 and will leave the role at the end of this year after starring in the unmissable 50th Anniversary in November and regenerating in the Christmas special.


So, we have two TWO more episodes with him and then that's it? But but but it's too soon! I have too little time to cope with it and too much time to not cope with it at all!
And then, with all that hidden doctor storyline...does it mean that Matt is actually Doctor #12, so he will go out in a kind of spectacular way that will make me cry my heart out? And then the next Doctor will be like a Doctor 2.0 restarting again? Or will he find a mentally insane way to escape the "12 lives and then you die for real" thing? Oh Gosh, Moffat will screw with us all over again.

I have to digest this news, I'm in a bit of a shock right now.