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04:04pm 19/10/2004
  today i was a lazy fuck.my friend shannons sister is pregnant,and she is 17.we have named her baby fetus and thats whats it will be known as for the rest of its life.we make so many jokes about it.shannon has even made little silly pictures of it.we keep joking about punching her in the stomach.i hope she does.how silly would that be?  
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11:26pm 18/10/2004
  nathan was on an endless quest to run over the garbage can infront of my house tonight,but i just wouldnt let him.i sure as fuck was not picking that up.  
07:41pm 17/10/2004
  so sam and i broke up yesterday.im nostalgic but i suppose over time things will look up.friday eric,tyree and myself went to the movies and saw team america world police.i can not remember the last time i laughed so hard.the rest of the weekend i just relaxed at the house.this weekend we are going to record some more i am spartacus songs.thennnnnnnnn next tuesday im going to see circle takes the square in new orleans.  
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05:23pm 14/10/2004
  today is officially a month for sam and i.i look forward to spending all the time in the world with her.


ps.tomorrow going to see team america world police.its gonna be so good.
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08:35pm 11/10/2004
  fuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkkk my entire body is sore.i have a cold.saturday i went to louisiana it was horrible.i missed sam.she is everything i have ever wanted and so much more.she is what i have been searching for and im not eveevevevever letting her go now that i have her.this weekend i get to go see her and that will be what i am looking forward to all week.every moment i spend with her im going to cherish with all of my heart.<3sam<333333333333

p.s. monro louisiana is nothing but hardline christian kids and they are stupid and i hate them.
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09:44am 08/10/2004
  its 9:45.i dont really know what im doing up.i dont think this post has a point.i just felt the need to update.yes.

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09:24pm 05/10/2004
  today sam and i had a very very wonderful conversation.we opened up to each other alot and it meant alot to me.she is wonderful to me.today was pretty layed back.i slept until about 12:30.i woke up and watched some of happy gilmore with my brother and then he ordered pizza and it was good.then i watched waiting for guffman what a silly movie.then i got on the phone with sam and had the most wonderful conversation ever.she is amazing.  
02:25pm 04/10/2004
  soooooooo last night my computer went apeshit and wouldnt shut down but it restarted enough when i tried to shut it down.it was pretty much a lost cause and the computer was fucked.luckily for me i had my system recovery discs still so i reformatted and did a system recovery and now its like a brand new computer and it makes me smile.hopefully this weekend im going to hattiesburg to see sam.that girl is fantastic.bowl and josh your demos should come in this week so jump for joy and shit.  
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05:23pm 22/09/2004
  hot cross show good.nice guys.ride to baton rouge very comfy thanks to andrews large luxery van.nathan and i made an interpritive dance routine to some piebald song.i slept and it seemed like we were back in biloxi like 30 minutes later that was nice.  
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01:20pm 16/09/2004
  p.s. to anyone who cares or even likes us i am spartacus is still recording this weekend.hurricane cuntface didnt effect that any.p.m.s. bowl and josh i will try mailing the demos off sometime this weekend or during the week.  
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11:58am 16/09/2004
  we win,hurricane cuntface loses.  
11:17pm 10/09/2004
  today i hung out with eric and we went and got food and went record shopping.then tonight i went and played pool and hung out with chip,brandi,clint,and tyree.tomorrow im going to see the new resident evil which has me all giddy because i love my zombies.  
11:32pm 09/09/2004
  eric and i went driving around and i showed him where i use to live when we lived in sweetbriar.well we got to the bump in the road and eric was going fast and didnt notice it so we ramped the bump it was crazy but something i have always wanted to do.erics trunk flew open it was crazy im going to make him do it again.  
06:13pm 09/09/2004
  today the warriors came on,what a fucking great movie.that was my day watching that the rest i just sat around.tomorrow hopefully there will be something going on or we'll go play pool or something.maybe a bird will shit on chip again.  
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07:43pm 08/09/2004
  soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.today i had ged class.then i moved the computer back to my room.im gonna email anderson and see if we can make bowl and josh each an i am spartacus shirt with spraypaint and stencils we're so fucking crafty and cheap.  
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12:12am 08/09/2004
  open water....dont go see it.....also take this down as a note kill me for going to see it.  
01:23pm 07/09/2004
  update update update amazing.thanks to bowl for the layout.  
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