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Just me being real.

...tired of faking

I was dieindaydreams in highschool.
I am now in college.
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"His hair was blond and I heard him holler over the din, 'HI!'

I glanced up and said HI.

He asked: CAN I SIT?

I answered: NO.


I said: GOOD.

He sat. He leaned close to me across the small table, stuck out his hand and said, What's your name?
For the next few hours he talked. And talked and talked. I decided that I would sleep with him. I did this, went about mentally seducing men just for kicks. The point was never the sex. I hadn't ever enjoyed sex much, and wouldn't for several years. The point was the game, and the game was not simply to get someone into bed. Men are embarrassingly easy to seduce. The game was to get them to fall in love with you first, or get them to think they were in love with you, think you were the most astonishing woman they'd ever met in their entire lives, and if things went according to plan, fuck them up forever."

--Marya Hornbacher (Wasted)