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Kermit's Minstrel Song

So. I was idle yesterday evening/this afternoon, and was watching some Youtube, when I was reminded of this video:


For the lazy, it's Kermit's Misntrel Song from vintage Sesame Street.

I decided I wanted to learn it. So I did. Below is the transcription. I do believe Kermit is playing in Gmin, or, at least, that's his opening Chord. But Gmin is a pain in my ass, so I transposed to E min.

So here's my transcription with chords for the equally musically nerdy. If you want to play it in the "correct" key, cap three on a Guitar.

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So. I'm moving to Cape Breton. On Thursday. To study Ethnomusicology. More news when I'm at a functional computer. The monitor just died on this one, so I'm typing/clicking blind.
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Today's posting...

Alright, I'm going to throw my mp3 player on shuffle and see what comes up...

Oooh. Good call, iTunes shuffle! Today's yammering will be about Andy M. Steward's most excellent piece (and, probably, one of his best-known), The Queen of Argyle.

Now... where to begin... Andy and the group he started out with, Silly Wizard, are decidedly in the "Traditional" genre. I might classify them as revivalist, in that their work did a lot to fan the traditional flames of music in a period when the global village was on the rise, and "old" was decidedly not in vogue, but in scholarly circles, the term, "revivalist" implies that they're from outside the genre they're reviving and taking active steps to enculturalize yourself to it.

My understanding about Andy, at the least, is that he grew up in a fairly traditional-music-saturated area, and carried it with him, much like Tommy Makem, Tommy Sands, or the Clancy Brothers.As such, "Revival" would be a misnomer.

The song is off their album, "Kiss the Tears Away" which is, incidentally, an amazing album name, and I'm rotted I'll never be able to steal it. It was released in 1987, and the album cover is visible as the background in the video below.

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The major bug up my ass this week has been the CRTC and it's support of usage-based billing (hitherforto referred to as UBB).

Now, what in the name of the Merciful Redeemer is that, you might ask? Well. UBB is the latest cash-grab scheme by the ISPs in Canada to try and, not only bleed us dry, but to actively suck the blood.

IT goes like this. People who are now paying for, say, a 200GB internet package are going to have their bandwidth allotment dropped to 25gb, and each additional gigabyte of transfer is going to be billed at a rate of between CAD$2-5.

To but that in perspective, a 350GB solid-state flash drive with shipping, etc, is going to run you ~$1.95/GB. That means that it's now more economical, even on the plans that are reaming you the least, to have your downloads put on an expensive piece of newtech, mailed to you, and then throw the thing in the Goddamned garbage when you're done.

Is that even remotely sensible?

It's the exact same deal that Newfoundland got screwed into by Hydro Quebec in the 50s -- buy the valuable product for a pittance, sell it for phat lewt, ???, profit!

It's not like we're not already being screwed by the prices in Canada. Our internet is among the most expensive for the least useful on the planet. There are developing nations that are more progressive than us, and we're in the effing G-7!

Now, you might think, "I don't use the internet that much! I'll be fine!" That's where you're wrong. Every youtube viedo, every Netflix movie, every Naxxtramas raid, every picture of a cat captioned with adorable pseudoenglish, every song downloaded from iTunes counts toward your cap. And they're already screwing us!

Bell, or Bell Aliant to us maritimers, is one of the companies that seems least intent on twisting the knife. They currently wholesale bandwidth in chunks of 40gb to small Internet providers for $4.25 per.

That's the Wholesale price. If they're able to make profit enough to sell off 40gb at that price, what are they paying for it? I mean, the $0.10 per gig they're selling it off for must be profitable for them, right? So if it costs, what? half? a third? of that to provide it to us, they want us to pay a 1000% markup for using, "too much Internet."

The entire thing rots me right to the core.

Screw it, I'm going to bed. Maybe I'll review a song, or something tomorrow.
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I really need to do something with this. I'm going to try and write a "thing" a week. Article, review, rant, something. I need to get words on paper, again.