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Through the looking glass

and finding what's on the other side

Alice Liddell
29 October
This an RPG journal. It is fiction and I don't own anything worth being sued for

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Character Profile

Character name: Alice Liddell

Taken from: Alice in Wonderland, Through the looking glass with elements of the real Alice Liddell's life thrown in.

Age: 23

Occupation: Secretary/Assistant, spy.

Sexuality: Hetero-sexual.

Physical description: Caucasian, of British descent, 5ft4, long curly blond hair, light blue eyes. Alice usually wears dresses befitting an upper class, unmarried woman.

Skills/ abilities: As an intelligent and well mannered young woman Alice is able to move within (and spy upon) the upper class society. She is talented at concealing her emotions and presenting a facade to convince and manipulate others with. Because of her father and her own ties to Prince Leopold, Alice works as a secretary to Lord Rupert Hendrickson and has a fair amount of knowledge of and access to the political workings of the British Parliament.

Personality: As mentioned before, Alice is intelligent, well-mannered as well as lady like and sociable which she uses to her advantage when spying on others. She also has an insatiable curiosity which can lead her to being nosy at times and is insufferable when it comes to observing the rules of good etiquette.

On the outside Alice appears fairly normal yet she harbors her own secrets, namely the fact that she been diagnosed (mistakenly) with Hysteria (in fact she has mild schizophrenia). This developed during her late childhood, early adolescence when she suffered a series of hallucinations. Alice still suffers from occasional episodes, after which she is often disoriented and confused.

Flaws: Alice has led a fairly sheltered life so she can be naive about how dangerous people can be and she is also not physically strong and useless in a fight. Alice can also be narrow minded in her own right as perceives the world from a higher class standpoint. Finally, her Hysteria (ie-schizophrenia) will cause problems as she does still suffer from hallucinations which leave her confused and questioning reality.

Brief History: Alice is the 4th child of Henry and Lorina Hanna Liddell, both of her parents are upperclass and her father was the dean of Westminster school, later becoming the dean of the Christ Church in Oxford. When Alice was eleven she began to suffer from hallucinations where she believed that she had entered strange worlds through both a mirror and a rabbit hole. Concerned, her parents brought her to a Dr. Lutwidge who diagnosed as suffering from Hysteria caused by the onset of puberty. In reality, this was the onset of her schizophrenia but because schizophrenia was undiscovered at this time, she was mis-diagnosed. As this diagnoses and the later episodes Alice suffered proved to be embarrassing to the Liddell family, it was kept a secret.

During her adolescence, Alice was kept under strict surveillance by her family to make sure that the family secret was not revealed accidently. As she grew older the episodes decreased so Alice was allowed more freedom and to attend more social functions where she developed her conversation skills. When Alice was 16, she met Prince Leopold, the youngest son of Queen Victoria and was courted by him for quite a while however, her family eventually put a stop to it for fear that should she and Leopold marry, news of her condition would leak out and embarrass the family. The courtship was ended though the pair remained friends and Alice’s father acquired her a position with Lord Hendrickson, since marriage was considered out of the question.

When Alice was 21 she then met Professor James Moriarty, or M as she knew him as. Moriarty knew of her condition, having witnesses one of her episodes. Interested in her position in Hendrickson’s office and her ties to the royal family, M began to blackmail Alice into spying for him. At first it was the fear of him revealing her condition that forced Alice to do it but as time went on and she did more for him, he in turn had more to use against her, catching her in a hopeless trap.