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JGL - ):

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Jeez. It's been a while since I've posted.

What have I been up to? Working. Preparing for a bellydance recital. Reading lots of Inception fic. Working some more. Yep, I lead a glamorous life.

Since I'm posting this from work, I'm gonna keep this brief and use this as a catch-up post:

samhain_smut. Go check it out.

Sunday I was the tour guide for the fangirl_tour. You can find my recs here.

Artists, go sign up for yuletart.

Still debating on participating in the inception_bang. I really, really want to though.

And finally getting around to posting my art from the sshg_exchange. I received a lovely story from curia_regis titled burn out the sun. This was my gift for annietalbot.

Title: Well Met
Notes: gift for annietalbot for the sshg_exchange.

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Alright. Back to work.
Batman's all business

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The last couple of weeks have been such a bust, I've been in and out of town repeatedly for work and it feels like I've accomplished nothing artwise or similar. I've skimmed my flist once or twice, but I've missed so much I can't catch up. ): Did anything interesting happen?

I did manage to catch up on Torchwood. Speaking of which..Collapse )

Also, I won 2 awards in the dramione_awards! Nifty!
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And finally, some art. The masterlist for the sshg_exchange is up. And I still have loads of stories bookmarked from it that I want to read. I need a free afternoon one of these days.*sighs* So now I can post my art here. And thanks again to gardengrrl13 for my lovely art(nws). ♥

This was my gift to missmiah.

Rating: G
Prompt: Hermione alone and reflecting on the past in Snape's office (the one in the dungeons or from the year he was Headmaster). Perhaps she's gently touching some of the things on his desk as she realizes everything he gave up over the years before he died. Can be right after the war has ended, or EWE many years later after they became a couple.

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Batman's all business

still here.....

Sorry for not being around so much lately, last week was extremely busy plus every time I get on the internet it is just an explosion of wank, spoilers, declarations of homg-goodbye-cruel-fandom, spoilers, wank, etc. .... That I just get tired and end up wandering off to go read old fanfic stories or play games on Pogo. So I'll probably not be posting much this week until the book comes out. With that being said, some people think that the fandom is going to drop dead the minute the book comes out. Maybe it will and maybe it won't, but I'm not going anywhere. HP is still my favorite fandom to draw in, and I still have plenty I want to do here. I've still got art I want to do for the tattoo series, commissions, and plenty of other ideas. Canon has never stopped me before and it sure as shit ain't gonna stop me now. Plus, we still get 2 more movies and a theme park to look forward to.
The good thing is I've finished my work week already, so I get to spend all this week working on art. Expect to see quite a bit of commissions being posted later on in the week.

Alright enough about that. Here's some art.

The sshg_exchange master list was posted, so now I can upload my art here. I got subversa in the exchange, which was kinda funny, since at the time the assignments for giftees had gone out, I had just finished doing 2 commissions for her. It made me giggle. :)
I received a lovely piece of art by veritaserum that you can find here. Thank you so much again, m'dear. :D

Here is my gift for subversa. She wanted art for her story, His Draught of Delicate Poison.

Title: Good morning, girl.
Pairing: Snape/Hermione
Rating: G
Notes: For the sshg_exchange.

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