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Finally all caught up with rl and work after getting back from Infinitus. I see many people already making their plans for Aeternitas, and as much as I would love to go I'm not sure if I'll have the funds or the time to make it. Maybe I'll win the lottery or something. But I do plan on making it to Ascendio in '12 and maybe heading down for Leaky Con even if it might be for just a couple of days or so.

I signed up for samhain_smut since I haven't drawn any nekkid people in a while, and I'm pretty much positive I'll end up doing the hp_darkfest also, the prompts there have given me so many ideas.

Bellydance classes have been going very well, I've added on an extra class to meet the demand. Some of my students already are interested in performing, and since we try to put on an annual show for students and our troupe, I think it will work out well. There is a lot of interest for the show this year, we've even been approached by other dancers and teachers including my old teacher who I first learned from, about performing. I think it could shape up to be a great show if it all works out.

Hey, and look! I've even got art! I've literally been sitting on this for months. I did the drawing ages ago, but didn't want to post it without coloring it. Coloring usually takes me forever, since it can be tedious and I get distracted easily, so I've been working off and on trying to finish it. Last night I finally buckled down and made myself finish the damn thing already. So here you go..

Subject: Luna and the Thestral
Rating: G

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well look who's alive....

,OMG. I had to exile myself from pretty much all things internet for the last couple of weeks while I threw myself into doing nothing but work, work, work. A builder/designer award entry deadline is due Monday, so I got slammed. Pretty much a different photoshoot every day, all week long, for two weeks. But last night I finally got the last set of photos ready for mailing and basked in the glow of being completely finished a day ahead of schedule. God, it felt good.

Meanwhile when I was away, I found out someone nominated my art for the dramione_awards! Thank you whoever nominated me! And on top of that I received this:

omfg, I'm speechless! Thank you!

Since I am through with work for at least another week or so, I get to take all next week to do nothing but draw. I plan on bustin' out at least 2 commissions and collab. project I'm working on.
Yesterday I needed to decompress, so I played around a bit with something quick and easy. And since I can never say no to the hp_fringeart's January Imitation of a Famous Work of Art Challenge....

Title: Luna
Rating: G
Notes: for the hp_fringeart January challenge: imitation of a famous work of art
Based on Luna by Charles Edward Halle. How appropriate. :)

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Batman's all business

Valentine's Day wishes and #9 in the tattoo series

Hope everybody is having a lovely Valentine's Day, making sure dentists stay in business with all the candy that will be consumed today. And thank you seaislewitch for my little gift. :D

Alright, on to business. Here's #9 in the tattoo series. This one's Luna.

Tattoo series #9: Luna Lovegood
Rating: G
Notes: swirly brush pattern by scully7491

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hpfringeart challenge art

Well, I'm almost 98% done with my snarry_games art. This is probably the longest I've ever worked on a piece before, it's killin' me. But I had to take a break from all the emo that picture is radiating and do the most colorful, teddy bear of a picture I could come up with. This is for the hp_fringeart September challenge: Elements. It's Luna. And a bunch of butterflies. And it's so damn cheerful she might as well be riding a unicorn over a rainbow.


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