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The samhain_smut reveal was today, so I'm free to post my entry.

Title: You're the Devil in Disguise
Pairing: Lucius/Hermione
Rating: R

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Note: I'm aware that some of the pic links are missing from some of my adult art posts, they will be back up when I can afford to renew my paid account and my scrapbook opens back up.

So how's everybody doing? You guys have a good Halloween? :)
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I am a glutton for punishment. I'm juggling many projects right now, my head is spinning. I've had to put my bellydance costume on the back burner, because I am on a prom committee. I know you're thinking, "she's 29, what the hell?", but it's not what you think. My friend and bellydance partner's birthday is coming up. She wanted to do an event at the club, so the first idea was a 80's prom theme night, but it has now morphed into a goth prom. It's gonna be cheese galore, I'm excited! I can't wait to get all tarted up in an over the top gothic prom getup. So lately I've been working on getting a outfit together and helping putting together all the specifics for the club. I never went to my prom when I was in high school, seeing that I was overly shy and a little antisocial, so here's my chance. :P
Here's the flyer for the event: the Factory website

by the way, here's a little art for the eyecandy_69 table. Prompt #60:enemies.
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