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Batman's all business

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While cleaning out the folders on my hard drive I found an assload of icons I made but never used. I have a tendency to make them when I'm bored, or when I just don't wanna draw. So I'm dumping them on you guys. Behold the fruits of my boredom!
If you want to take one feel free. All I ask is you credit me and please don't hotlink!!


1-10: House
11-17: The Cell
18-20: Labyrinth
21-22: my art
23: V for Vendetta

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Batman's all business

it's lovely weather for a.....

whole bunch of rain. Cold, shitty rain. Don't feel like going anywhere in this mess. I've been stuck inside all day trying to finish up the last of my painting jobs so I can get paid next week. There hasn't been enough time for me to start a new drawing this week, but after tomorrow I'm free. Next week will be all about drawing and cooking baklava. While waiting on coats of paint to dry I played around with photoshop making "comic book" style icons. I definetly need to play around with photoshop more, because my skills are crap.

Behold! the glory of my crappy photoshop skills!
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