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Took me long enough...

Meanwhile, finally updating a week later than I said I would.....

Looking through my journal, I've come to the conclusion I need to to dome serious clean-up work around here. Tagging is horrible, my memories section is a mess, I've never gotten around to replacing moved or deleted art, etc. I need to do some spring cleaning BAD. Also, I'm thinking about possibly making any adult art posted here filtered. I've had some RL noses poking around here lately, and I would like my job and my journal to remain strangers. I haven't made a definite decision about this yet, but if I do I'll be making a post regarding being added to the filter soon.

I got to give some love to dmacabre, who sent me a wonderful package the other day filled with all sorts of goodies! I got some beautiful Froud notecards, a handmade bookmark, and some chocolates which I promptly consumed. Thank you so much! ♥

I was going to throw out my 2 cents on last week's Torchwood, but seeing as how there is a new episode today, I might as well wait a bit.

I've actually been getting quite a bit done artwise, but I'm jumping back and forth between different projects so there is nothing fully completed to post just yet. But I can offer a little something. While stuck in out of town for work I drew a bit, but since I don't really want to work on fandom stuff while stuck with the people I work with, I played around with this instead. I'll don't know when I'll get around to coloring it, I gotta finish some other arts first.

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Batman's all business

Paintbrush & Quill story and art

Well, now that Phoenix Rising is over I'm allowed to post this. This is the collaboration
I worked on with hogwartshoney for the Paintbrush & Quill Society for Phoenix Rising.

Title: Indefensible
Rating: G
Story by: hogwartshoney
Art by: _odella_
Summary: Shaken by Dumbledore's death, Severus Snape is once again at a critical point in his life.

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HP Fringeart November Challenge

I had to take a little break from the 4 commissions I'm working on before I screw one of them up by overworking them. So I decided to brush up on my colored pencil skills since I haven't used them in ages. This is for the hp_fringeart November challenge: colored pencils. Fawkes and Nagini. What is it with me and the phoenix and the snakes?

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Batman's all business

yet again, another for the fringeart b&w challenge..

I wanted to do one more for the hp_fringeart b&w challenge before I start on gift art that's due at the beginning of March. I'm friends with a whole bunch of tattoo artists, which helped me get inspired for this pic. I wanted to do something like tattoo flash art, and since all the books are rife with dragons, mermaids, and other typical tattoo fare, it was begging to be done.

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