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Watchmen - Nite Owl OMG


The samhain_smut reveal was today, so I'm free to post my entry.

Title: You're the Devil in Disguise
Pairing: Lucius/Hermione
Rating: R

thumbnail links to comm entry.

Note: I'm aware that some of the pic links are missing from some of my adult art posts, they will be back up when I can afford to renew my paid account and my scrapbook opens back up.

So how's everybody doing? You guys have a good Halloween? :)
JGL - ):

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Jeez. It's been a while since I've posted.

What have I been up to? Working. Preparing for a bellydance recital. Reading lots of Inception fic. Working some more. Yep, I lead a glamorous life.

Since I'm posting this from work, I'm gonna keep this brief and use this as a catch-up post:

samhain_smut. Go check it out.

Sunday I was the tour guide for the fangirl_tour. You can find my recs here.

Artists, go sign up for yuletart.

Still debating on participating in the inception_bang. I really, really want to though.

And finally getting around to posting my art from the sshg_exchange. I received a lovely story from curia_regis titled burn out the sun. This was my gift for annietalbot.

Title: Well Met
Notes: gift for annietalbot for the sshg_exchange.

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Alright. Back to work.
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Finally all caught up with rl and work after getting back from Infinitus. I see many people already making their plans for Aeternitas, and as much as I would love to go I'm not sure if I'll have the funds or the time to make it. Maybe I'll win the lottery or something. But I do plan on making it to Ascendio in '12 and maybe heading down for Leaky Con even if it might be for just a couple of days or so.

I signed up for samhain_smut since I haven't drawn any nekkid people in a while, and I'm pretty much positive I'll end up doing the hp_darkfest also, the prompts there have given me so many ideas.

Bellydance classes have been going very well, I've added on an extra class to meet the demand. Some of my students already are interested in performing, and since we try to put on an annual show for students and our troupe, I think it will work out well. There is a lot of interest for the show this year, we've even been approached by other dancers and teachers including my old teacher who I first learned from, about performing. I think it could shape up to be a great show if it all works out.

Hey, and look! I've even got art! I've literally been sitting on this for months. I did the drawing ages ago, but didn't want to post it without coloring it. Coloring usually takes me forever, since it can be tedious and I get distracted easily, so I've been working off and on trying to finish it. Last night I finally buckled down and made myself finish the damn thing already. So here you go..

Subject: Luna and the Thestral
Rating: G

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Orgasmo - I don't mean to sound like a q

ART: snarry games & hermionebigbang

This be an art post.

Support Team Cauldron - Brewing Glory!

My entry for the snarry_games. A Harry Potter/Final Fantasy fusion, you can view it here:

The Lionheart and the Last Prince

It was an outstanding display of talent this year. Make sure to check out the rest of the fic and art and don't forget to vote!

I was assigned to a wonderful author, and you can read the story and view the art here:

When The Stars Are No Longer Wanted

Also, yuletart sign-ups have begun! Fanartists, get over there and join! It's a multi-fandom art exchange, how can you go wrong with that?

Whee! Look at me! I'm posting an entry!

I'm weeks overdue with answering comments and such, so hold tight, I'm getting to them all.

Hey guys, how's everybody doing? I had two big photo projects I had to tackle these last couple of weeks. Unfortunately it kept me away from LJ, but on the upside there's money in the bank which is always a good thing.

I'm still reeling from tonight's episode of True Blood.

I'm going to keep this one short and sweet since I need to catch up on my emails, but here's some art instead.
I was going to submit a piece for the Phase 1 art of the HBB. Since I am made of fail, while I was working on my art I didn't pay attention to my timeframe and while I was happily drawing away the deadline for entries came and went. So yeah, I'm a doof.

But anyway, I went ahead and finished it. Enjoy.

Title: The Lady of the Order
Subject: Hermione
Rating: G

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Harry Potter - bitchy Snape

lol, blast from the past

Trying to get back in the swing of drawing on a regular basis. I realized that I was able to complete only 2 fully colored pieces in the last few months due to having a rl regular job again.
So consider this a warm up exercise in getting back in the swing of things.

LOL, anybody remember the tattoo series? The thing I started and haven't touched in over a year? Well I pulled it out of storage and dusted it off in honor of Snape's b-day.

The tattoo series #10: Severus Snape

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Harry Potter - Lucius is a douchebag

Holy crap I'm online. And I bring art.

Hey guys! Long time no see! How you doin'?
After what seems like a never ending spell of working like a fiend and then having a week or so without any internet, things have finally begun to wind down to the point where I can finally catch my breath. But I've been quite productive, I even managed to finish and turn in my SSHG exchange gift early. My goal is to clear out my queue by the end of the year so I can start fresh for the new year. Wish me luck. :/

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Oh yeah, the art stuff....

I seemed to be running with a theme here..

For hump_day_smut a few weeks ago:

A Little Pain Never Hurts
Character: Bellatrix
Rating: R (NWS)
Warnings: piercing,blood

And along the same vein for Daily_Deviant:

Character: Bellatrix
Rating: R (NWS)
Warnings: masturbation, piercing, implied bloodplay

Also, my snarry_games entry has been posted! Go check out all the fantastic art and don't forget to vote!

Characters: Snape/Harry
Rating: G

Well, it's now very late and I need to catch up on replying to comments for the Snarry Games tommorrow so I'm hitting the hay.
Hope everyone has a good Halloween!
zoolander - smile

bullet points of rambling and oldcommission is old art......

- I've got a busy few months ahead of me artwise, with the Snarry games and sshg_exchange coming up, plus I'm back to whittling down the old commissions list and working on the rest of my LiveLongandMarry auction, there should be quite a few more art posts to been seen.

- True Blood. lol, I think I'm gonna like this show, it's campy and funny and Bill the Vampire, mmm..yes plz.

- I want this. And this.

- With all the talk of the new Wolverine movie and Deadpool's name coming up all the time, makes me miss how much I used to like him. I used to have the entire run of his solo series comic, but lost them in a move. I mourn the loss. I need Deadpool icon or banner or something to begin to make up for it.

- Fic rec time: I haven't had the time to sit down and read any long fics in forever, so I ended up saying screw it, and spent my last Saturday doing nothing but reading fanfic. It was a glorious waste of time I tell you. Spent all of my time reading one author's novel length fics; so when you got some time go read The Fool, the Emperor, and the Hanged Man (DM/HG), Damnation of Memory (SS/HG), or Whom the Gods Would Destroy (CW/HG)(WIP). She writes a damn fine thriller.

- I've had some new friendings lately, so Hello! to the new folks. I need to have a friending mixer post again soon, so I can get to know people, friend back, etc. I've neglected my flist and friends of list for far to long. ): I'm sorry guys, you know I love you all. ♥

Okay, and here's some art.
This is an old commission from way back in the day, so I'm almost embarassed to be getting to it now. What can I say, RL sucks.

Fandom: Harry Potter
Character: Tonks
Rating: G

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