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Batman's all business


What have I been up to lately? Pretty much being a lazy turd, reading the flist and sucking at commenting, reading way to much Puck/Rachel fic since I decided to give watching Glee a try, and generally being a fail ass about updating my journal.

But I did manage to squeeze in some art time during my busy schedule of slacking off, so have some art.

This was my gift for my yuletart recipient. I received a lovely piece of Inception art.
Fandom: Batverse
Characters: Batman, Poison Ivy
Rating: PG

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I was itching to do some Labyrinth stuff because it's been forever since I've done any.
Fandom: Labyrinth
Rating: G

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I was still on a Labyrinth high after the first one and felt like fooling around with all my stitchery stuff, so I tried doing some embroidery. I'll probably end up making a little zipper clutch out of this or something. The picture isn't that great because my camera decided to be a pain in the butt that day.

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I haven't forgot about the art sale, I've been having some issues with Paypal and want to get them resolved before I get the ball rolling on that. I'll probably get that post up this week.


The masterlist was posted for yuletart, so I can post my art here now. I received some awesome art from dualbunny, you can view it here: Darkness (Legend). This was my gift for ani_bester:

Fandom: The Girl Wonder
Characters: Robin (Stephanie Brown)
Fandom: DC comics/ Batman
Rating: G
Notes: gift for ani_bester for the yuletart exchange.

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omg, I'm actually working on some HP art right now. Feels like it's been ages.