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Oh my, it's been a while since I've last posted. How's everybody doin'?

Of course, first off DH2 tomorrow. I'm so excited and just a little bit sad not just because its the end of the series, but this will be the last time me and my bellydance partner will be hanging out before she moves out of state. We've attended every midnight showing together since GOF, and I'm happy we are able to wrap it up for the last one. Ah, bittersweet. Expect much flailing sometime early tomorrow morning when I get back.

Oh btw, I'm totally digging Game of Thrones.
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I squeezed in a little bit of art in between my exchange gift and a commission I'm working on too.
Title: Little Bird
Character: Sansa Stark
Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire

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More tomorrow, too tired to think straight:

Harry Potter - 99 Problems

An actual post with art 'n stuff.

Hey guys. How yew dewwin'?

The art sale went over well. I got stuck at work during post office hours for the last week or so but I managed to sneak away for a bit today and got the last of the art mailed off. So if you are still waiting on your art you should be receiving it shortly. I mentioned I was going to take a portion of the final sales to make a donation for Japan earthquake relief, so I donated $100 to Doctors Without Borders. Thanks guys!

I noticed I am very lazy when it comes to social media outside LJ. I have a twitter but haven't updated it in forever, mainly because I'm pretty damn boring and usually have nothing to tweet about. I do enjoy Tumblr though. Probably because it has pictures. :/
I need some new tumblrs to follow, so who has one? If you want to follow me I'm 13hours on Tumblr.

I've been working on art. HP art to be more specific. And it's sort of Snarry. :O

Here's some new art. And by new I mean I finally stopped trying to convince myself that I was going to color while the drawing sits around gathering dust for months. I actually started this drawing last year.
A new fandom! Legion. The movie was a bit iffy but made up for it with some good lookin' winged eyecandy, but I do love a fanfic that came about called Ghosts of Babylon. There has been some lovely fanart inspired by the story by lily-fox on deviantart, you can view it here and here.
So here's some fanfic inspired art.

Title: taken under wing
Fandom: Legion
Pairing: Gabriel/Audrey
Notes: Inspired by The Noble Rot's Ghost of Babylon on fanfiction.net

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And before I go.. I totally fail because this is so late, but to the anon who sent me the paid LJ time a while ago, thank you so much! You are so generous and fantastic and all that good stuff. *hugs anon*
Batman's all business


What have I been up to lately? Pretty much being a lazy turd, reading the flist and sucking at commenting, reading way to much Puck/Rachel fic since I decided to give watching Glee a try, and generally being a fail ass about updating my journal.

But I did manage to squeeze in some art time during my busy schedule of slacking off, so have some art.

This was my gift for my yuletart recipient. I received a lovely piece of Inception art.
Fandom: Batverse
Characters: Batman, Poison Ivy
Rating: PG

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I was itching to do some Labyrinth stuff because it's been forever since I've done any.
Fandom: Labyrinth
Rating: G

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I was still on a Labyrinth high after the first one and felt like fooling around with all my stitchery stuff, so I tried doing some embroidery. I'll probably end up making a little zipper clutch out of this or something. The picture isn't that great because my camera decided to be a pain in the butt that day.

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I haven't forgot about the art sale, I've been having some issues with Paypal and want to get them resolved before I get the ball rolling on that. I'll probably get that post up this week.
JGL - ):

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Jeez. It's been a while since I've posted.

What have I been up to? Working. Preparing for a bellydance recital. Reading lots of Inception fic. Working some more. Yep, I lead a glamorous life.

Since I'm posting this from work, I'm gonna keep this brief and use this as a catch-up post:

samhain_smut. Go check it out.

Sunday I was the tour guide for the fangirl_tour. You can find my recs here.

Artists, go sign up for yuletart.

Still debating on participating in the inception_bang. I really, really want to though.

And finally getting around to posting my art from the sshg_exchange. I received a lovely story from curia_regis titled burn out the sun. This was my gift for annietalbot.

Title: Well Met
Notes: gift for annietalbot for the sshg_exchange.

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Alright. Back to work.
Tim Curry

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Finally all caught up with rl and work after getting back from Infinitus. I see many people already making their plans for Aeternitas, and as much as I would love to go I'm not sure if I'll have the funds or the time to make it. Maybe I'll win the lottery or something. But I do plan on making it to Ascendio in '12 and maybe heading down for Leaky Con even if it might be for just a couple of days or so.

I signed up for samhain_smut since I haven't drawn any nekkid people in a while, and I'm pretty much positive I'll end up doing the hp_darkfest also, the prompts there have given me so many ideas.

Bellydance classes have been going very well, I've added on an extra class to meet the demand. Some of my students already are interested in performing, and since we try to put on an annual show for students and our troupe, I think it will work out well. There is a lot of interest for the show this year, we've even been approached by other dancers and teachers including my old teacher who I first learned from, about performing. I think it could shape up to be a great show if it all works out.

Hey, and look! I've even got art! I've literally been sitting on this for months. I did the drawing ages ago, but didn't want to post it without coloring it. Coloring usually takes me forever, since it can be tedious and I get distracted easily, so I've been working off and on trying to finish it. Last night I finally buckled down and made myself finish the damn thing already. So here you go..

Subject: Luna and the Thestral
Rating: G

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The masterlist was posted for yuletart, so I can post my art here now. I received some awesome art from dualbunny, you can view it here: Darkness (Legend). This was my gift for ani_bester:

Fandom: The Girl Wonder
Characters: Robin (Stephanie Brown)
Fandom: DC comics/ Batman
Rating: G
Notes: gift for ani_bester for the yuletart exchange.

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omg, I'm actually working on some HP art right now. Feels like it's been ages.

Work, Comics, Twitter. and art.

I hate the end of the fiscal year at one of my jobs. It means that out customers go on a spending frenzy to use up the rest of their yearly budget so they won't have money left over, possibly causing cuts in the next year's budget. They buy mass amounts of shit you just know is superfluous, while we work ourselves into a frenzy trying to keep up with their crazy ass orders.
Busy, busy, busy. I guess on the bright side it is job security, especially in this day and age.

I finally gave in and got a twitter account. I'm thirteenhours if you want to follow.

I've been getting back into reading comics on a regular basis. I started reading Batman again. Boy, it's been a long time since I kept up with that series! Last time I was reading it regularly, Jason Todd had just died. So yeah, it's been a while.
Any of you folks comic readers? What are you reading currently? Also, any recs for a good current ongoing series? At the moment I'm currently reading Deadpool, Batman: Streets of Gotham, Batman Confidential, and the Batman: The Widening Gyre miniseries. I'm not sure if I'll keep up with the Widening Gyre, Kevin Smith's dialogue in this series is making me kind of :\

Since we're on the subject of comics, here. Have some art.

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lol, I should get back to work, seeing as how I'm posting this from my office while everyone else is out in the other room.

Whee! Look at me! I'm posting an entry!

I'm weeks overdue with answering comments and such, so hold tight, I'm getting to them all.

Hey guys, how's everybody doing? I had two big photo projects I had to tackle these last couple of weeks. Unfortunately it kept me away from LJ, but on the upside there's money in the bank which is always a good thing.

I'm still reeling from tonight's episode of True Blood.

I'm going to keep this one short and sweet since I need to catch up on my emails, but here's some art instead.
I was going to submit a piece for the Phase 1 art of the HBB. Since I am made of fail, while I was working on my art I didn't pay attention to my timeframe and while I was happily drawing away the deadline for entries came and went. So yeah, I'm a doof.

But anyway, I went ahead and finished it. Enjoy.

Title: The Lady of the Order
Subject: Hermione
Rating: G

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