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art sale update

Just a note to the art sale winners:
you should have all received a P.M. with info on how to proceed now that the sale is over. I know LJ has been failing lately with receiving notifications, so if you haven't received a message from me please let me know.
As for the donation I mentioned, I've decided I will be sending a donation to Doctors Without Borders.
Batman's all business

Quick update on the art sale

The art sale will probably be wrapped up around sometime tomorrow (Sunday) around midnight (EST).
And to those who have already bid, in light of the current crisis in Japan, I would like to use some portion or percentage of the final sales total to make a donation to the Red Cross if that is acceptable.
Batman's all business

art for sale!

With Infinitus coming up soon I'm trying to come up with a bit of extra fundage just in case. I've been doing some spring cleaning of the art/craft/computer room, and I realized I've got tons of old artwork just gathering dust in folders.

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And we're done! OMG, you guys, thank you so much! I'll be going through this and contacting the winners today. I am amazed at the response this got. Again, thank you so so much!