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Watchmen - Nite Owl OMG


The samhain_smut reveal was today, so I'm free to post my entry.

Title: You're the Devil in Disguise
Pairing: Lucius/Hermione
Rating: R

thumbnail links to comm entry.

Note: I'm aware that some of the pic links are missing from some of my adult art posts, they will be back up when I can afford to renew my paid account and my scrapbook opens back up.

So how's everybody doing? You guys have a good Halloween? :)
Orgasmo - I don't mean to sound like a q

ART: snarry games & hermionebigbang

This be an art post.

Support Team Cauldron - Brewing Glory!

My entry for the snarry_games. A Harry Potter/Final Fantasy fusion, you can view it here:

The Lionheart and the Last Prince

It was an outstanding display of talent this year. Make sure to check out the rest of the fic and art and don't forget to vote!

I was assigned to a wonderful author, and you can read the story and view the art here:

When The Stars Are No Longer Wanted

Also, yuletart sign-ups have begun! Fanartists, get over there and join! It's a multi-fandom art exchange, how can you go wrong with that?