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First off... Elisa: the Luna Lovegood of Project Runway? Y/N?

I'm almost finished with my PIF gifts. Christmas cards are going in the mail today or tomorrow. I'm finally catching up. Sorta.

I hate the fact that there is no new episodes of any sort right now. So I'm taking this opportunity to introduce my boyfriend to all the shows he never watched but I was addicted to. We are starting with Alias. After getting through all 5 seasons of that I need to see if I can convince him to watch Buffy. This is highly doubtful. I'll probably have better luck with Profit or Carnivale.

The magazine I'm trying to woo into giving me a job wanted to see some images besides food and product still lifes, so I trudged out to grab some scenics for variety.

Behold, Florida in the middle of winter. :/

The gardens at the art museum. They have a cool exhibit right now of ancient Roman art from Pompeii.

more gardens.

even more gardens.

yup, gardens.

guess what? gardens!

Afterwards, I went out to the marina/park by my parents house to get some water shots since the magazine is a coastal living magazine.

pretty, but it reeked out there because someone decided to dump their unused bait in a trashcan. rotten shrimp, ugh.

the pier.

egret in the pond at the park. the pond was also full of VERY irate geese and a bunch of cats lazing about on the bank.

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