July 27th, 2008

Batman's all business

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You know, I gotta stop saying I'll update shortly and then come shuffling back to LJ weeks later. I fell very behind on reading my flist during this time and I'm sure I missed quite a few important posts, so if you haven't heard from me, my apologies, please forgive me for being an asshat. D:

Where was I? Starting 2 extra jobs, that's where. The market to which my business caters to has been taking a bit of a beating lately due to the economy, leaving me in a state of OHSHITNOWORKNOMONEY! D: So in order to put food in my face and a roof over my head, I had to take on as much work as I could find. Bah, I hate being broke. This also sucks because this also means no money to spare = no Terminus. I'll miss not being able to see everyone again this time around, so ya'll better get your asses to the one next year. But I hope all of you that are going have lots of fun and remember to take plenty of pictures.

That's enough whining on my part. Let's see ..what else has been going on? Not much really. Saw the Dark Knight, loved it. Saw Iron Man finally, loved that too. Saw Hellboy 2, liked it a lot, and now have the urge to draw the Angel of Death. I wasn't around LJ at the time to join in on the post Doctor Who finale hulabaloo, but I liked it, even if RTD's season finales are starting to feel a bit repetitive. Hopefully now that RTD is moving on maybe the next finale can revolve around something other than daleks and/or cybermen or the Doctor's sad-sack, I'm all alone again emo face.

Oh yeah, and one more thing..

As I mentioned in my last post, I offered up some art for auction for livelongnmarry. I was totally amazed by how much the bidding ended at, and kudos to benevolntgoddes who won, donating an awesome $180 to Marriage Equality USA. The auction was for 3 character portraits of her choice, and I just finished the first one today.

Title: Arielle and Skeevers
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: OC and a puffskein
Rating: G
Notes: For benevolntgoddes for the livelongnmarry auction. Commission art, not for use and all that jazz. Wallpaper texture by lanvaldear

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