February 13th, 2008

orgy plan

random post brought on by a loss of an eraser.

Dammit, I can't find my art gum eraser.

In the midst of working on a drawing done on bristol board, I've managed to misplace the gum eraser. Now all I have is this lame chunk of white vinyl eraser that is pretty much just doing nothing but smearing the pencil around and leaving half the marks I want to get rid of behind.

So in a fit of aggravation I decided to fool around on LJ instead.

So..the writer's strike is officially over today. About time that got settled. Now all I need to do is sit tight 'til fall when my shows start coming back. :\
Speaking of the strike...
We are well into the 3rd season of our Alias marathon brought on by the lack of regular t.v. viewing. I had forgotten how much more awesome Weiss is than Vaughn. OMG, if I were Sydney, I'd be all over that and Vaughn can have his scary eyebrows wife. I mean c'mon, Weiss is funny, buys you books, drinks tequila with you while patiently listening to you lament about Lauren YET AGAIN. Vaughn..Well Vaughn just needs to make sure he has enough angst to maintain his wrinkles. Also, my bf has taken to making catfight growling/hissing noises every time Syd and Lauren share a scene together. Good times.

Also, to show how out of touch I've become with the X-files fandom, while puttering around the internet the other night, I came across the Gossamer Project. OMG, I had no idea that was still around! Spent way to much time that night reminiscing with old favorites and discovering a few new ones. X-files was one of my very first fandoms I got heavily into online. Oh, the memories...
For your time, here's a rec:
Oyster by Jordan. Adult, Scully/Skinner(Mulder?). ♥ ♥ ♥

Has anybody seen The Nines? :O Whoa. Totally thought I had that movie figured out early on, but I wasn't expecting that.

Since I'm probably boring everyone with the pointlessness of this post, it's FANDOM MEME TIME:

ganked from bunney

Comment to this entry with any fandom. If I'm knowledgeable enough in the fandom to have ships, I'll tell you one non-canon ship I like, one canon ship I like, and one ship I really don't like (either canon OR fanon). Then post this in your own journal to offer up the same responses.

I really need to find that eraser.