January 2nd, 2008

Batman's all business

Belated Happy New Year wishes to all...

O.K., I can finally sit down and write this damn post I've been meaning to do for days.

First off, I hope everybody had a good Christmas and New Years. Thank you bluebear_74, friarlawrence, moonjameskitten, and dmacabre for the lovely Christmas cards, and tbranch for the AWESOME Dr. Who drawing.♥ My Christmas haul was exceptionally stellar, mainly for the fact that since all I pretty much asked for this year was stuff for my business (some new lighting, etc.), my parents felt I should get something for fun so they surprised me and got me and my boyfriend a PS3. Now I'm not a huge video game player (hell, I the last game I played was Kingdom Hearts 2, which I never finished), but watching Order of the Phoenix in Blue-ray on the plasma totally makes up for any lack of gaming skills I may have. It's so pretttyyy..
For New Years I had a wild night of sitting in front of the t.v. and knitting. Midnight came, my boyfriend got up and gave me a New Year's kiss and a hug, and.... I went back to knitting a sock and he went back to surfing the internet. Holy shit, call the party police, that much fun shouldn't be legal. Honestly though, I'm perfectly content with my evening. Trying to go out would've been a pain in the ass, plus I don't drink so what's the point?

We are coming up on the home stretch of season one of the Alias marathon at our house. In turn, this has kicked me back into my Sark/Sydney shipping hard. I've spent way too much time rediscovering old stories I used to love, plus finding new ones. I need to get back on the ball with art since that and the holidays slowed me down a bit. That being said, there will be quite a bit of new art coming soon. I've got some left over commissions from '07, a special project I'm working on with freetheeleves2, I turned in my yuletart art (the exchange starts posting on the 5th), plus hump_day_smut has risen up to take the place left empty by Smut Wednesday's departure. I'm busy, busy, busy...

And I still haven't had a chance yet to sit down and watch DW Voyage of the Damned yet. ):