August 15th, 2006

Batman's all business

go team!

I've only ever tackled this pairing once before for art, I think it's time for me to give it another go. Plus, this looks like it's going to be great fun and it's full of fabulous artists.

I'm a member of Team Angst. :D


Come and support your favourite artists, and their teams!
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Batman's all business


I wanted to finish this before I got to working on the request/commission list. So if you asked me for art, don't worry, I've slowly but surely started working my way down the list.
This is another tattoo piece, like the Bill and Charlie Weasley ones. I'm having great fun thinking up tattoos for the Potterverse, so much in fact I've decided to kinda make these a series. This one's Narcissa. Apologies for the little bad habit I've given her, but with the hubby in the slammer and her boy on the run she's bound to be a little high-strung.

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Batman's all business


Damn you photobucket. Damn you to hell. Thanks for deleting a bunch of my pics. And the bad thing is, they're not even the most "adult" of the bunch.

So, does anybody know where I can host some of my art and it won't be axed because there's boobz in the picture?
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