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Whee! my request at eyecandy_69 was approved! I'll be doing Hermione, big surprise there *smirk*. Here's the table:

1.Food 2.Writhe 3.Satin
4.Lube 5.Ring 6.Restraints
7.Feather 8.Leather 9.Massage
10.Candle Wax 11.Ice 12.Oil
13.Thrust 14.Breast 15.Throat
16.Taut 17.Genderbend 18.Strained
19.Tease 20.Lick 21.Kiss
22.>Blindfold 23.Handcuffs 24."Toys"
25.Orgy 26.Corset 27.Strip
28.Dominant 29.Submissive 30.Kinky
31.Erection 32.Champagne 33.Cuddle
34.Foreplay 35.Intercourse 36.Afterglow
37.Cherries 38.Fingers 39.Suckle
40.Virgins 41.Sluts 42.Safe Sex
43.Chocolate 44.Socks 45.Frottage
46.Bottom 47.Top 48.Tongue
49.Desk 50.Flexibility 51.Lips
52.Role Play 53.Threesome 54.Self-Love
55.Voyeur 56.Bite 57.Wall
58.Strangers 59.Best Friends 60.Enemies
61.Slick 62.Wet 63.Bruise
64.Dirty 65.Bad 66.Wrong
67.Artist's Choice 68.Artist's Choice 69.Artist's Choice


Let the naughtiness begin. :)
Tags: eyecandy_69, fandom:harry potter
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