_odella_ (_odella_) wrote,

adventures in Pottermore

so, obviously spoilers for Pottermore...

So much pretty artwork! It's still a bit buggy in places, but for the most part it's great. Dueling is still down, so I've been trying to brew potions which I seem to suck a bit at. AFTER 5 FAILED ATTEMPTS, I've finally got my Forgetfulness potion started and now it's got to simmer for an hour or so. Watch me ruin it during the second part of the brewing I bet. :/



AND I'VE BEEN SORTED. I've never really associated myself with any certain house before, so I played fair and answered as truthfully as I could, and now I'm proud to say,


OMG, guys I'm in Gryffindor! This was the last place I suspected! I'm pleased and proud. :D

So, I'm willowcrimson156, so feel free to friend me. Also, let me know your usernames so I can keep track of who everybody is. :)

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