_odella_ (_odella_) wrote,

Oh my, it's been a while since I've last posted. How's everybody doin'?

Of course, first off DH2 tomorrow. I'm so excited and just a little bit sad not just because its the end of the series, but this will be the last time me and my bellydance partner will be hanging out before she moves out of state. We've attended every midnight showing together since GOF, and I'm happy we are able to wrap it up for the last one. Ah, bittersweet. Expect much flailing sometime early tomorrow morning when I get back.

Oh btw, I'm totally digging Game of Thrones.

I've never really ever warmed up to any of those epic high fantasy series like LOTR, but I like that ASOIAF is more like medieval fiction with sf/fantasy elements instead. I watched the first episode on a whim and got totally hooked. Now I'm wrapping up the 2nd book and probably start in on the 3rd tomorrow.

And oh yeah:


I'm a total Sansa & Sandor fan. I can't help it.

I squeezed in a little bit of art in between my exchange gift and a commission I'm working on too.
Title: Little Bird
Character: Sansa Stark
Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire



More tomorrow, too tired to think straight:

Tags: fanart, fandom:a song of ice and fire, sansa
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