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An actual post with art 'n stuff.

Hey guys. How yew dewwin'?

The art sale went over well. I got stuck at work during post office hours for the last week or so but I managed to sneak away for a bit today and got the last of the art mailed off. So if you are still waiting on your art you should be receiving it shortly. I mentioned I was going to take a portion of the final sales to make a donation for Japan earthquake relief, so I donated $100 to Doctors Without Borders. Thanks guys!

I noticed I am very lazy when it comes to social media outside LJ. I have a twitter but haven't updated it in forever, mainly because I'm pretty damn boring and usually have nothing to tweet about. I do enjoy Tumblr though. Probably because it has pictures. :/
I need some new tumblrs to follow, so who has one? If you want to follow me I'm 13hours on Tumblr.

I've been working on art. HP art to be more specific. And it's sort of Snarry. :O

Here's some new art. And by new I mean I finally stopped trying to convince myself that I was going to color while the drawing sits around gathering dust for months. I actually started this drawing last year.
A new fandom! Legion. The movie was a bit iffy but made up for it with some good lookin' winged eyecandy, but I do love a fanfic that came about called Ghosts of Babylon. There has been some lovely fanart inspired by the story by lily-fox on deviantart, you can view it here and here.
So here's some fanfic inspired art.

Title: taken under wing
Fandom: Legion
Pairing: Gabriel/Audrey
Notes: Inspired by The Noble Rot's Ghost of Babylon on fanfiction.net

And before I go.. I totally fail because this is so late, but to the anon who sent me the paid LJ time a while ago, thank you so much! You are so generous and fantastic and all that good stuff. *hugs anon*
Tags: fanart, fandom: legion, gabriel/audrey

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