_odella_ (_odella_) wrote,

Jeez. It's been a while since I've posted.

What have I been up to? Working. Preparing for a bellydance recital. Reading lots of Inception fic. Working some more. Yep, I lead a glamorous life.

Since I'm posting this from work, I'm gonna keep this brief and use this as a catch-up post:

samhain_smut. Go check it out.

Sunday I was the tour guide for the fangirl_tour. You can find my recs here.

Artists, go sign up for yuletart.

Still debating on participating in the inception_bang. I really, really want to though.

And finally getting around to posting my art from the sshg_exchange. I received a lovely story from curia_regis titled burn out the sun. This was my gift for annietalbot.

Title: Well Met
Notes: gift for annietalbot for the sshg_exchange.

Alright. Back to work.
Tags: fanart, fandom:harry potter, snape/hermione, sshg_exchange
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