Tags: not enough sleep



I was sitting in the cab on the way to work this morning and it started pouring heavily. Mmm, I wish I were in bed there and then. I wish I were in your bed, under the covers, toe curling, head tucking, body forming.

Woke up at 630 - 1 hour before schedule, half an hour before my alarm rang. I was slightly hysterical and I kept trying to calm myself down to get back to sleep (because I slept at 430). But now I know that the more I try to force myself to sleep, the more nervous and the more awake I'll get. I force myself to sleep because I know if I don't, I will struggle with the next living day, but ironically, my body pushes itself further and further into consciousness that I eventually just lie in bed alone, chewing my nails off.

Funnily, I've been dreading the weekends so much because I have a fixed routine to follow. Going to sleep for a while before I drive myself to paranoia and suspicion.