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I know I said I would post some pictures from my time in Korea but I think it's kind of lame to go event by event so I think I will make two posts: one full of gorgeous sweet amazing pictures baby and another just full of my nonsense adventures idk humour me. I'll just throw in whatever I can and want to. Or maybe I'll put Seoul in another post. Hmm. Some shots have gross exposure and lighting but please make do lol. There's some of my tl;dr commentary so please you just read it all!!!!!!!

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동대문 Dongdaemun

How has everyone been? I'm sorry I haven't been updating this space. In the span of my exchange, I really didn't write a lot about my time and experiences; neither did I upload many pictures here. All I did was whine (lol sorry you had to put up with that). But eventually, I will share some pictures and fun stuff I did! My semester in Korea is over and I'm in Seoul with super_je for a week or so before I go back to Busan and get ready to go home on New Year's Eve. It's been a ride and I will miss it.

I went to a war prison today and also to Dongdaemun. Shopping was so so but I never really enjoy shopping anyway. Going to see things interest me more.