Lux (_ochre) wrote,

24 and 7:12

december is flinging me in the washing machine and spinning and spinning me till my bones get grounded down at the sides and getting smoother and smoother and smoother till some parts disappear before it spits me out overstretched like a useless garment


    It is with growing up that I realise that I have to do the things I don't want to do, listen to people who have better decision-making skills than I…

  • two futures divided by a parapet

    I spotted you walking home, six floors down and across the parapet. You were so infinitely small just then. If I held up my thumb and focused hard…

  • Juggling Five Futures and a Single Present

    The summer of 2012 had been the start of my horribly lucid yet faint dreams of boys, sweat, cigarettes, car rides and loose limbs and even…

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