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Boosting the signal

Cross-posted from genrereviews because awareness is good.

Hey, guys! Remember all that SOPA and PIPA stuff, where everyone on the internet pretty much came together to give a great big howling no? And hey, we won! There was so much noise raised about it, enough people dropped their support the bills couldn't go through. And the peasants rejoiced.

Unfortunately, the US isn't the only country trying to put through laws like this. In fact, SOPA has an evil Canadian cousin known as C-11. Yeah. It's bad. And it's been so quiet most people don't even know about it. WIth two weeks left, that could be disastrous. Indulge me some quoting for a moment, if you will:

We’re not going to get Google or Wikipedia to go dark up here. We don’t have as robust a tech industry to act as a public counterbalance to entertainment industry interests. We have a Prime Minister (that’s French for Dear Leader under the current regime) who doesn’t give a suckling goat what the people think about his policies.

But we do have a lot more recourse in our political system to make politicians pay than our Yankee brethren do. (Yes I know I just insulted everyone south of the Mason Dixon line. I’m sorry. You trying caring about foreign geographical terminology when every person you’ve ever met from a particular country still thinks it’s the height of hilarity to ask if you live in an igloo.) We have things like votes of no confidence that can really bugger up a sitting House member’s day.

So, if you’re Canadian, or you’re friends with a Canadian, or you just really like bacon, click the link at the bottom of this article and share it with as many people as you can.

We can’t afford to lose on this one, Canada.

Canadians can click here to send your letter through a very clever letter wizard. Those who aren't Canadian, please pass the word along. We might not get a blackout, but we still need our "no" to be heard.
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Democracy would be more awesome if everyone agreed with me

Yesterday was the federal election here in Canada. And apparently people here are idiots and don't think Stephen Harper has done quite enough damage to the country because he's been elected Prime Minister a second time, this time around with a majority government. Hurray, that's just what we needed. Harper with even more excuses to indulge in his insane ego and ignore everything being said by the other parties and by the Canadian people. I haven't been this upset over politics since the second time Bush was elected US president.

Yup, so last night after it became clear the Conservatives had achieved a majority government, I turned off the tv and delved into a world full of ice cream and My Little Pony. It's a temporary balm, though, so maybe that's what I should have for breakfast, too.

I've been ranting for two days, and the husband commented if I followed politics more closely outside of election time, there'd be a whole lot more ranty in my house. Which is actually why I don't follow politics as a general rule. I don't need to make myself unhappy all the time, do I?
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Mexico City says Gays are Ok

Mexico City has just legalized gay marriage, making it not only the first Latin American city to pass the legislature, but the first city south of the border. They've also decided to allow same-sex adoption rights, which should make some Christmas wishes come true.

Are you listening, California? Mexico City is more progressive than you. Yeah. Think on that.
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Prop 8 - the musical!

Just when you thought Neil Patrick Harris couldn't get any more awesome, he teams up with Jack Black, John C. Reilly, and a bunch of others to put on a political musical. Who knew gay marriage could save our failing economy?



The current state of Canadian politics? Stupidity.

For those unfamiliar with the bloodless coup going on right now, you can read a little about it over here. It's especially sad when you realize our election was just a few weeks ago.

Now I could be mistaken on this, but I'm pretty sure the point of a democracy is that the people get to have their say, usually in the form of an election. And alright, our recent election had an incredibly low voter turnout, most of which I blame on the dominant candidates, who are both boring and a little bit sinister. Seriously, this is our current prime minister. You just know two seconds after that shot was taken, Harper devoured that kitten. Nom nom nom.

I'm getting off track. In order for democracy to work, the voters have to have options from which to choose. When they do make that choice, the elected individual (or party) is supposed to be in power until the next election takes place. Somewhere along the way, the leaders of our current political parties seem to have missed these bits of "Democracy 101."

So I propose a solution. I should totally start my own political party and run for prime minister. I could be the Canadian Sarah Palin. I mean, I've been living with the people! Canada is just as close to Russia as Alaska is, and I can be adorable as I refuse to answer questions. See, then people are given an extra option they can vote for, and while I might be politically incompetent, at least I'm memorable, lacking in the sinister-ness, and I don't eat kittens. Hey, it would get people running to the polls, if for no other reason than to make sure I didn't get into office.

My first promise to the people is that upon election, there shall be sausages and cheese for everyone. Vote Team Geek!
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Proposition 8 is stupid...

...but y'all knew that already.

I honestly don't understand how anyone can support this proposition. It's not like allowing people the opportunity to marry who they want will take rights away from anyone else or change the meaning of marriage. Apparently it's ok for a man and a woman to get drunk, get an Elvis impersonator to say a few words, then wake up and get a divorce or annulment, but not for two men or two women who have been committed to each other for years to make vows and have them legally acknowledged. Clearly, in the eyes of California, the second scenario is the greater evil.

Now, I know for some people this is a religious issue, where they believe homosexuality in all its forms is morally wrong. But here's the thing: the religions decrying homosexuality also believe extramarital sex is morally wrong, and in denying the gay community the opportunity to marry who they like, you're essentially forcing them into that whole non-married sex thing. Even to the most pious, isn't it better to allow them the benefits of marriage, letting them bypass at least one of their "sins"?

I stumbled across this very poignant and passionate video of Keith Olbermann talking about Proposition 8, and I have to say, the man has more than a few valid points.

Collapse )Alright, that's enough politics for me for one day. I have to say, I'm once again incredibly grateful to be a Canadian citizen, where gay marriages are still recognized. I mean, come on, people. Love is love.
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Post-election meanderings

So conservatives are still in power here in Canada, with a minority government. So, uh, after all that fuss, nothing has changed. Now, can we get some awesome politicians with personality who actually have platforms to stand on instead of just relying on the old "insult the other guys so I look like the lesser of two evils" strategy? That'd be awesome, and might even make people care enough to bother showing up at the poll booths. Just sayin'.

Oh, and note for Mr Harper: calling it a "strong minority" does not change anything. No matter how you spin it, the other three parties (y'know, those guys who don't like you) can still take you out. Deal with it.

In other news, this music video cracks me up:

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Well, it's that time again. Time for all that election nonsense to start up again. Geez, you Americans are nuts. I don't even live in the country, and I know more about your candidates than the Canadian ones. I will be happy when the election's over and I don't have to hear the media frenzy about Obama and Palin anymore.

An interesting side effect of the election is that it seems the average American is disenchanted with Bush and are coming to blame him for all the horrible horrible decisions he made while in office. Congratulations, guys, and welcome to the realization the rest of us came to eight years ago: Bush is a moron. And a dangerous moron, at that. Some of you have probably seen it before, but since it never ceases to delight me, I thought I'd share with you a very Canadian response to Bush and his Bush-isms, as given by Colin Mochrie in 2003.

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And while we're on the topic, I figured I'd share the awesome Political Compass test. To nobody's great surprise (least of all my own), I'm a left-wing Libertarian. Politically, that puts me in the same sort of area as Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama, which makes me giggle a little.