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Post-election meanderings

So conservatives are still in power here in Canada, with a minority government. So, uh, after all that fuss, nothing has changed. Now, can we get some awesome politicians with personality who actually have platforms to stand on instead of just relying on the old "insult the other guys so I look like the lesser of two evils" strategy? That'd be awesome, and might even make people care enough to bother showing up at the poll booths. Just sayin'.

Oh, and note for Mr Harper: calling it a "strong minority" does not change anything. No matter how you spin it, the other three parties (y'know, those guys who don't like you) can still take you out. Deal with it.

In other news, this music video cracks me up:

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Today is the Canadian Thanksgiving. So happy turkey day to everyone living in this corner of the world, and may we all remember how lucky we are to be living lives that don't suck.

Seriously, I have my family, my friends, and my many many books. I live in a pretty awesome country, and in a time period where women actually have rights. Also, I have a belly full of turkey and pumpkin pie. Yup, good times.
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Happy Canada Day!

So for the non-Canadians, July 1st is Canada Day (our Independace day). I love my country. I mean sure, we complain about the weather and the government and all, but I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. There are a long list of countries I'd like to visit, but Canada will always be home to me. On occasion, I've had American friends give me a hard time about my love for a country that isn't theirs, and really, all I have to do is remind them of our healthcare system, and they see my point. Not that healthcare is the only thing we have going for us by any means. Here is a list of just some of things for Canadians should be proud of...

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I AM CANADIAN!!! Now light the candle.