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Insert Gratuitous Music Video Here!

I've been very quiet lately, so my apologies for that. I don't usually have a lot to say for myself this time of year. It's still snowy. And also cold. My kids come down with the sick what seems like every other week because when winter lasts forever, so does winter cold and flu season. (I actually have 3 sick kids at home right now.)

But! On a more positive note, my buddy Matt has put together a gorgeous music video for his upcoming album and I feel the need to share.

I like the song a lot. I've heard him do it live a few times, and it's one of those ones you always walk away humming at the end of the night. The video suits it, and I like the nostalgic camerawork. Also, Matt is pretty to look at. (He did, however, just get married, ladies. Sorry.) And now I'm humming the song again and I want to know why this album isn't out yet so I can put the track on and at least have an excuse to be singing it.
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Matt Epp

My buddy Matt is coming out with a new album (Safe or Free), and it's stellar. I'm pretty psyched for his CD release tomorrow, and therefore I must inflict his new music video upon you all. He likes to introduce it as a "love song" and then go straight into it in his shows, so I'll leave you with that intro.

(I promise, he's not nearly that creepy in real life.)

Dr Horrible

Great Big Sea

Just got home from seeing Great Big Sea in concert. They were, as always, very energetic and lots of fun. Apparently playing in the new arena makes Alan feel like a rock star, which makes me shake my head a bit. He's been the lead singer of a popular celtic/folk/rock band for a good 15 years now, and he's just starting to catch on, apparently.

The nice thing about seeing a Canadian band is that they know where they are and they know their audience. They can crack Canadian jokes without being demeaning or out of date. Actually, they did this whole bit mocking that very thing. "Hey, everyone. It's great to be here in..." *checks back of guitar* "...Winnipeg. We love it here in..." *checks again* "...Canada. How 'bout that Jean Chrétien? Is he cool or what?" Brilliant.

Ok, the other nice thing about a Canadian band is that they're here every time they release a new album. Didn't stick around to find out what pub they'd be cooling their heels in after the show this time, though. I'm getting old and crochety and I need my sleep. (Alright, fine. "Old and crochety" translates to "kid goes to school now so I actually have to be awake in the morning." Same difference really though, isn't it?)