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For all the whiners in New York...

It was -40 today. (Fehrenheit or Celsius, they're both the same at that point.) I did not know this when I set out to do some errands.After the first ten minutes of walking, I regretted leaving the house. After an hour?

Now I must go through life tailless, and you just know the other cats will make fun of me.

Ever been so cold you actually have to warm up before you can start shivering again? Yeah.

Somehow, while I was out there, I managed to get minor frostbite on my hips and lower back instead of my extremities like a normal person. Usually it's fingers, toes, ears, and noses that get hit first, followed by hands, feet, and cheeks. But I have a special talent and managed to skip all that and get my core frozen instead. Go me?

I was pretty well bundled, but I guess my jeans said "screw this, I'm not dealing with -40!" Which I can sort of sympathize with.

For the worriers, yes, I'm fine. It was minor frostbite, and I was fine once I managed to warm up again. Cuddly, purry kitties make the best heaters ever. The skin's a little sensitive, but even that should be gone by tomorrow as long as I keep out of the snow until then.

The other cats are still going to laugh at me, though.
book 1


We had our first big snowfall on Thursday night. Not our first view of snow, but we've reached the point where it's snowing pretty heavy and we'll have snow on the ground until spring. Enough snow piled up that I had issues getting the munchkins to school on Friday morning, since one is still too little to walk the full way (especially through freshly packed snow) and the stroller wheels are not so much meant to power through that stuff. So we figured the weekend would be a good time to look for sleds. It's November now, the stores are all up with the Christmas displays, and now that we've had the first big snow, everyone's out doing their panicked last minute winter shopping. Sales on coats and boots abound. Theoretically, a sled should be easy to find.

Key word there being "theoretically."

So, uh, if anyone knows where I can find a nice sled, let me know. Originally I'd had in mind to look for something sturdy that will last the winter without costing me too much but at this point I'd take a bobsled if it'd let me get the kids to school. So... halp?