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Yes, we were married quite young

On November 1, the husband and I celebrated 9 years of marriage. My parents took the kids for a couple of hours so we could go out to a quiet dinner (sushi). Epic romantics that we are, we then picked the kids up, put them to bed, and basically passed out. Really, it's nice to get a couple of hours to ourselves, since it doesn't happen often. And, y'know, after spending so long together, it's always nice to realize that hey, we actually still enjoy things like talking to each other and spending time together.

Next year is year 10, which I suppose means we should do something particularly special. I have no ideas yet, but then we do have a full year to decide and plan.

Too much is never enough when it's chocolate

This weekend was Chocolatefest at the Forks.

For the non-locals (which is, I think, everyone likely to read this), the Forks is where the two rivers, Red and Assiniboine, meet and merge into one. The city was built up around that spot back when water was the quickest and easiest way to travel, so it's right at the heart of the city and there's a lot there, most notably the market. If someone says they're going to the Forks, they mean the Forks market, which is stuffed full of unique shops, many local and many importing fair trade goodies from other parts of the world.

Once a year they run Chocolatefest, and last year we missed it. The husband and I saw an ad for it last week and I said "ooh, we have to go this time. I'll bet the kids would love it."

It was really neat. They sell a 5$ "passport" which lists all the participating vendors, and in the middle of the market they had chocolate fingerpainting and an enormous chocolate fountain set up. There were 25 or so vendors involved, and for each one, you'd take your passport there and they'd make a check next to their name and give you a sample of some chocolate something-or-other, mostly food related but not always. One store gave out chocolate scented incense, for example, and another gave out chocolate scented bath oil. Surprisingly, the chocolate chili was my favourite.

The kids thought it was great and buzzed on the sugar high all afternoon. I, on the other hand, am pretty sure I gained five pounds just from those two hours. That's still not enough to dissuade me from going next year, though.
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Moving and Growing Up

We're moving next week, down the hall to another apartment in the same building. It's slightly larger, but the biggest advantage is that the space is distributed differently, in a way that will benefit us. The baby has been sleeping in a little bassinet, but one of the bedrooms in the new place is big enough to hold the older kids' bunk beds plus a crib and two dressers. (The exchange is that the living room isn't as big, but it seems a fair trade.)

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In other news, I read an article the other day about how my generation and the one just after me, the ones just coming up now, are essentially delaying adulthood as much as possible. Usually I hate these articles, since they strike me as some childless person grumbling about "kids these days" and how we have it far easier than the generations before us. In some ways this is true, and in some ways it isn't, but to state that my generation needs to grow up and stop waffling annoys me greatly. I was married with a baby by the age of 21, which is a younger age to be settling down than even most people of my parents' generation.

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Date Night: the Married Version

The husband took me to see Scott Pilgrim Against the World today. Going out after you've been married for several years is a very different experience than going out in the earlier stages of a relationship.

The husband: Oh hey, you're all dressed up.
Me: Yeah, well, I have a date.
The husband: Hmm. Think you have time to see a movie first?

Needless to say, I swatted him.

The movie was cute, funny, and decidedly geeky. A great date movie for geeks (which we are), although we didn't get a whole lot of proper date cuddling in because new baby means she gets all the priority cuddling. Also, I remember when my shirt stayed on until after the date, but dark movie theatres are actually great places to breastfeed, especially since it helps to keep baby busy and quiet. As a result, I got to see the entire movie instead of having to take her out. And then the movie ended, we put the baby back in her stroller, and went to go pick up the other kids to take them home and get them in bed.

So, uh, yes. Very different experience from a typical date pre-marriage and pre-babies, but still good. Just a different kind of good. It's interesting, really, how your perception of romance changes over the years. Practical gestures become romantic after awhile, especially the little things that show he's paying attention. Flowers? Feh. But when he comes over to take the baby and tells me to go take a bath because I've had a hard day, or when he comes home with that book I've been looking forward to but haven't had a chance to go out and get it because I've been swamped with small children, well, those moments are priceless.


Baby #3 is here. Keira might be the runt of the litter, but she hasn't let that stop her from attempting global takeover. The hospital stay was long, but we were sent home Sunday afternoon and everyone is healthy and happy to be home.

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Computerific Adventures

Technology hates me.

So I've been kind of missing in action lately, and that's because my computer died on me. We couldn't even get the thing to start, so off to the shop it went. A week later, it's back and I'm trying to make it promise never to leave me again. Apparently Windows freaked out and the computer shop guys had to strip the computer so they could re-install Vista. For a while they weren't sure if any of the files I had on there would be recoverable, but fortunately they managed to save everything.

Yeah, you're right. I should be backing everything up regularly. But... I hit the save button! It was supposed to be saved!

So yesterday was mostly re-downloading all the programs we use, and organizing files so I can find what I'm looking for. And today... back to business as usual.

Happy really late new year?
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Great Big Sea

Just got home from seeing Great Big Sea in concert. They were, as always, very energetic and lots of fun. Apparently playing in the new arena makes Alan feel like a rock star, which makes me shake my head a bit. He's been the lead singer of a popular celtic/folk/rock band for a good 15 years now, and he's just starting to catch on, apparently.

The nice thing about seeing a Canadian band is that they know where they are and they know their audience. They can crack Canadian jokes without being demeaning or out of date. Actually, they did this whole bit mocking that very thing. "Hey, everyone. It's great to be here in..." *checks back of guitar* "...Winnipeg. We love it here in..." *checks again* "...Canada. How 'bout that Jean Chrétien? Is he cool or what?" Brilliant.

Ok, the other nice thing about a Canadian band is that they're here every time they release a new album. Didn't stick around to find out what pub they'd be cooling their heels in after the show this time, though. I'm getting old and crochety and I need my sleep. (Alright, fine. "Old and crochety" translates to "kid goes to school now so I actually have to be awake in the morning." Same difference really though, isn't it?)

9am is a stupid time to start school

So I'm thinking I don't like this school in the morning thing. They should all work around my natural (read: nocturnal) schedule so I don't have to get up before the crack of noon. The kids don't need daylight, they have electricity.