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At My Brother's Expense

This weekend is the big local con. We've had our tickets for months now. Yesterday, I had this conversation with my brother:

Me: So are you coming to the con this weekend?
Him: ...that's this weekend?
Me: Uh, yeah.
[long pause]
Me: So I'm going to take that as an "I completely forgot about it."
Him: I can't remember if I booked off work or not. I'll have to check. [pause] Oh. They have me down as working both Friday and Saturday night.

I suggested he try to switch his Saturday shift so he can get a one-day pass. Saturday's the best day at the con, anyway.

Oh, little brother, you have had many months warning about this. I'm pretty amused at your disorganization.

In somewhat related news, the kids are very excited. They made sure they had costumes ready to go and everything. Seriously, they do a geek mom proud.
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Mmm, Brains

Last night, I dreamt of the zombie apocalypse. I'm pretty sure that increases my nerd cred by several points.

Interestingly, we went to the prison and insisted they let us stay there because the security would ensure we'd have the best chance of suviving zombies there, which actually makes some kind of twisted sense to me even while I'm awake. And for added irony, just yesterday I was thinking how tired I am of all the zombies pervading fiction of late. It seems my subconscious is not listening to the rest of me.
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To Life!

I can't believe the work and love that went into what has to be the best wedding toast ever. I particularly love how it just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

I know a number of people who don't like musicals because they think they're unrealistic. People randomly bursting into song and everyone joins in? All that dancing? Well, I've always hung out with theater geeks so that's actually not so far of my real life, and then you bring in something like this.

This makes me ridiculously happy. All weddings should involve musical toasts.
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Only Luddites Have One Phone Number. Real People Have At Least Two.

Yesterday I took the kids to go rent a couple of movies. We went to the nearby local place, one of those wonderful hole-in-the-walls that has all the indie/older/cult movies the big chains don't carry. They each picked out a movie, and I rented some Star Trek (tribbles!). We took our videos to the front and the guy behind the counter took a look at my membership card. "I see it's been more than a year since you've rented from us. I'll just have to update your membership."

Fine, not a problem. He wanted to see some ID, get our address, and asked for a phone number. Then he wanted a second phone number. When I said I don't have a cell phone, he kind of paused before suggesting a work number. Sir, it's the middle of the day on a Tuesday and I'm hauling 3 kids around. Do you really not get the picture here? I'm a stay at home mom. I don't have a work number. I don't have a cell phone because I stay at home and therefore what's the point of paying for two phone lines? I do not have a second phone number. Evidently, the membership to this video store is not complete with only one phone number, though, so he suggested a friend's number. I wound up giving him my husband's cell number, which I hope they never try to use because you can't reach me at that number.

He seemed so surprised and annoyed that I didn't have a second number to give him, I felt like a behind-the-times freak. Is it that unusual to have only one phone number? Really? I know I'm one of the odd few to have resisted getting a cell phone, but a lot of the people I know don't actually have a land line, their cell phone being their only phone. I suspect the video store must have had issues with peoples' phone lines being cut off before they got their movies back. It's the only explanation I can think of for them to insist so strongly on having two phone numbers, and it makes some sort of sense, since they're in the middle of an area full of young bohemians. (Yes, I live in that area of the city.) Still, an annoying and odd membership update, especially because the guy was so unyielding.

At least I got to bring home some tribbles. I love those things with a completely unreasonable fondness.