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New Hair, Redux

Well, the Ramona Flowers look didn't last long. There were issues, namely that the hairstylist had no idea what I was talking about when I went in with my request. I brought in pictures, but my printer had decided to go all freaky and everything was streaky and/or blotchy, so it was kind of hard to see. She did the back in a sort of angled look the way I wanted, but then left the front really long, about shoulder-length, so it looked really weird. I'd had chin-length in mind, so we went shorter... and, uh, lopped off too much. It just showed the bottoms of my earlobes, and it wasn't a good look for my round round very round face. Too blunt and cut off at just the wrong point, making the roundest point look even rounder. But I'd run out of time (I went in the afternoon, and had to pick up the kids from school) so I went home and moped and hoped I'd get used to it.

The husband came home and said "it's not that bad, but if you're really unhappy with it, go somewhere else and get it fixed. And then, I don't know, dye it green or purple or something." So I did. Now it's really short, sort of a punky pixie look. Also, it's bright pink. I really like it. It's not love, and I won't be at the hairplace every six weeks trying to maintain the look, but it's fun and funky and it suits me. I was a hero at the kids' school for the first few days, the crazy lady with pink hair.

My ultra-conservative, religious right-wing parents hate it, to nobody's great surprise. It's kind of hilarious, though, because they won't come out and say anything direct, they'll just be passive aggressive about it. Mostly disapproving looks and one particularly entertaining conversational point, where my brother and I were discussing what colour should follow the pink (since the super vivid rainbow dyes tend to wash out pretty quickly, about a month or so). We were debating purple versus blue, and my mom piped in with "or you could go back to your natural colour."
"Why would I want to do that?" I asked.
"You don't wear your natural colour," my brother pointed out.
"Hey, wait. A nose ring would be ok, but pink hair isn't?" I asked.
We just got a sigh and more disapproving looks.

Sorry, Mom. I'm nearly 30. I don't need you to approve of my hair. It's my hair, and I'll cut and colour it however makes me feel good.
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Spontaneous Butchering

Today, on a whim, I chopped all my hair off. I went in with this as my reference pic:

It's not quite. First it was too long and then it was too short and at this point I haven't decided what I think of it yet. Give me another week or so to make up my mind. Depending on what I decide, I may even show pictures. (No guarantees on that last one, though.)