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Too much is never enough when it's chocolate

This weekend was Chocolatefest at the Forks.

For the non-locals (which is, I think, everyone likely to read this), the Forks is where the two rivers, Red and Assiniboine, meet and merge into one. The city was built up around that spot back when water was the quickest and easiest way to travel, so it's right at the heart of the city and there's a lot there, most notably the market. If someone says they're going to the Forks, they mean the Forks market, which is stuffed full of unique shops, many local and many importing fair trade goodies from other parts of the world.

Once a year they run Chocolatefest, and last year we missed it. The husband and I saw an ad for it last week and I said "ooh, we have to go this time. I'll bet the kids would love it."

It was really neat. They sell a 5$ "passport" which lists all the participating vendors, and in the middle of the market they had chocolate fingerpainting and an enormous chocolate fountain set up. There were 25 or so vendors involved, and for each one, you'd take your passport there and they'd make a check next to their name and give you a sample of some chocolate something-or-other, mostly food related but not always. One store gave out chocolate scented incense, for example, and another gave out chocolate scented bath oil. Surprisingly, the chocolate chili was my favourite.

The kids thought it was great and buzzed on the sugar high all afternoon. I, on the other hand, am pretty sure I gained five pounds just from those two hours. That's still not enough to dissuade me from going next year, though.