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no clothes

As far as I'm aware, he doesn't even have a mole

At the school my children attend, the gym teacher is also a taekwondo instructor. (Sidenote: spellcheck thinks I should change taekwondo to wonderland. And, I mean, having a wonderland instructor would be awesome, don't get me wrong, but I'm thinking the two terms aren't quite so interchangeable as spellcheck would have me believe.) There's a program at the school on Thursdays, when some of the older kids are able to stay and take taekwondo lessons without charge. My oldest daughter is in her second year, and she's taken to it so enthusiastically the husband and I have been discussing the possibility of changing her dance lessons for more taekwondo classes. She likes dance, but she doesn't get excited about it the way she does with taekwondo. Ultimately it would be her decision, but in order to even present the option to her, we need a bit more information, such as the when, where, and how much. Since I'm the one who picks the kids up after school, the husband has suggested I should speak with the gym teacher the next time I see him.

Which of course led to this conversation via text yesterday:

The Husband 3:06 pm
If you see [gym teacher]...

Me 3:06 pm
Stab him?
Ply him with food?
Give him a puppy?
Invite him for a playdate?
Try not to stare at his mole?
Tell him you love him?

The Husband 3:17 pm
...you're weird.

Me 3:17 pm
Hey, I'm not the one leaving love messages to the gym teacher unfinished.

It should be noted that I did not, in fact, see the gym teacher and was therefore unable to relay any of the above messages. The husband seemed more eye-rolly than devastated over this.