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Cats and Pinups (but no Catgirl Pinups, sorry)

Item the first: Kitty is doing much better. We called the vet and while he was surprised at how poorly the kitty was doing post-surgery, he prescribed some more pills and told us to call back after a day or two to let him know how things were going. Fortunately, this meant we didn't actually have to take the cat back in, so everyone was spared the stress and added cost of that.

The pills started working right away. The cat stopped throwing up and after about twelve hours or so even started moving around the house (which he hadn't been doing). At this point, he's taken all his pills and seems mostly back to normal, although he's become much more cuddly than he was before he got sick. That seems to be the new norm, and I'll take it. Everyone is much happier now.

Item the second: I promised I'd share the pictures from the "How to Pose like a Pinup" panel at Keycon. (Initial write-up is here. This is going to get pretty long and, well, picture-filled, so the rest is behind the cut.

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At My Brother's Expense

This weekend is the big local con. We've had our tickets for months now. Yesterday, I had this conversation with my brother:

Me: So are you coming to the con this weekend?
Him: ...that's this weekend?
Me: Uh, yeah.
[long pause]
Me: So I'm going to take that as an "I completely forgot about it."
Him: I can't remember if I booked off work or not. I'll have to check. [pause] Oh. They have me down as working both Friday and Saturday night.

I suggested he try to switch his Saturday shift so he can get a one-day pass. Saturday's the best day at the con, anyway.

Oh, little brother, you have had many months warning about this. I'm pretty amused at your disorganization.

In somewhat related news, the kids are very excited. They made sure they had costumes ready to go and everything. Seriously, they do a geek mom proud.

Keycon 2010 Report

This past weekend was Keycon, Winnipeg's geektastic convention. Much geeking was had by all, as one might expect.

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Most commonly heard phrases over the weekend:

-"Oh, you're Tanya's friend!" (There were a lot of people from DAW hanging around, so I gained instant coolness points for knowing Tanya Huff.)
-"How due are you?!?" (This came in many formats, everything from "Please don't go into labour during my panel..." to "Oooh, it would be so cool if you had your baby during my panel! We could make the news!" I guess when you're 6 weeks away from your due date, it becomes a pretty prominent topic.)
-"Hey, you run that review site, right? I have this book that just came out..." (This one is to be expected at every convention.)

I've spent the last two days sleeping in recuperation, so you know it's been a good time. Also, we've trying to figure out how to kidnap Julie Czerneda, Sheila Gilbert, and Nalo Hopkinsin so they'd be here all the time.

Pre-con: Keycon 2010

Well, the Keycon schedule has finally gone up. Which is good, because it's nice to know when I have to be there and there's only a week until the thing starts. It's the only con I get to attend this year, because long distance travel is not so good for someone so hugely pregnant they're wider than they are tall. "They" being me.

I'm on three panels this year:

E-Books - Sat May 22, 11am
Why Re-Read? - Sat May 22, 12pm
Blogging - Sun May 23, 2pm

I'm, uh, not expecting these to be well attended at all. The first two are scheduled opposite Keycon's first ever pitching session (why they're only allowing two hours for pitching to three editors I'll never understand), and the last is opposite "Writing Idol," which involves the first 250 words of a manuscript being read by two authors and an editor.

At any rate, if anyone is planning to be around, look me up. I'll be hard to miss, as I'll be the short redhead with my own gravitational pull.
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Polaris report - Friday

Alright, here we go.

Apparently there were two flights we could take into Toronto. One arrived at 9am. The other arrived at 9pm. Needless to say, we got into TO with plenty of time to spare. I was worried we'd be left for hours with nothing to do and nowhere to go, since check-in time isn't technically until 3, but the hotel was on the ball and getting all the rooms ready as quickly as possible, so when we got there at 10 we were able to check in. (Or when we got here, I should say, since I'm writing from a borrowed laptop in our hotel room.) We got settled in, had some lunch, and took a nap. Hey, the flight arriving at 9 meant it took off at 6, so it seemed like the thing to do.

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pre-Polaris report

I'm headed out to Polaris in Toronto in July, which is exciting. They have a long list of authors (18 at last count), so there should be plenty of action for literary geeks, which means I will be happily mired in bookworld from the 10th to the 12th. I even get to do a few panels, in which I will hopefully sound savvy and witty instead of like a total dork. I'm tentatively scheduled for the following:

-Print book vs E-book (which means I should probably look up some stats or something before I go)
-Writing for Children (YA is so huge right now, they have I think 4 or 5 panels devoted just to that)
-It Might Be Too Dark For You, but Your Kids Love It (about the current dark fantasy and horror trends in YA)
-Romance vs Erotica vs Porn (come on, you can't hear that title and not think it sounds interesting)
-Writers and Reviews (clearly I am not the writer perspective on this one)

Since there are writers coming out of the woodwork, most of these panels are stuffed full of panelists. I have horrible visions of myself sitting quietly through one of the ones that has five people on the panel and not saying a word. Then I realize I'm a freaking loudmouth and realize it likely won't be a problem.

Anyone else coming out to play?
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Sunday Keycon 2009

By Sunday, the con reached a lazy feel. Everyone was tired (or hungover) from the night before, and the morning panels were more subdued than Saturday's. I was still enough of a freak to show up to the 10am session with Katherine and Viola about Food in Fantasy. Biggest pet peeve for pretty much everyone there? Unnecessarily creative names for food. When the characters wear silk and linen, they walk past birch and pine trees, they have horses and dogs and cats, why do they eat snooberries? Unless these berries are somehow significant to the plot, providing some kind of magical power or something isn't "berries" sufficient?

Collapse )Laid back lazy Sunday is a good way to end the con, I think. We went and picked up the kids, and pretty well everyone went to bed early. A good time was had by all. Now I have two months to recover before heading to Toronto for Polaris.
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Saturday Keycon 2009

My much belated continuation of this year's con report is finally here. And the peasants rejoiced.

I dreamed that I slept in until after noon, and was in this incredible panic. I had panels before that, and was supposed to be taking care of Kelley, whose first panel was at 10. It was one of those incredibly detailed dreams, so I'm putting on clothes in a rush, and worrying about getting all the little things together, and I was so mad at my husband for letting me sleep in, especially because he was so nonchalant about the whole thing. Since he still had to drop the kids off at his sister's (who was taking care of them for the weekend), I was in a desperate rush to run to the convention hotel on foot. At which point I woke up and realized it wasn't even 8 o'clock yet, and perhaps I should stop panicking and get over being mad at the husband who hadn't even done anything.

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Friday Keycon 2009

Quick recap of yesterday's Keycon events before I head off for the Saturday programming:

The afternoon was Kelley's book signing in Polo Park's giant McNally Robinson. Slow but steady stream of people (mostly teenage girls enthusiastic about the Darkest Powers trilogy), and incredibly friendly and helpful staff. A good time was had by all.

Then time for a quick bite to eat before Keycon's opening ceremonies, followed by cake and ice cream. Only... no cake. It was sad. They promised us cake! The kids were pretty excited to have the ice cream, though, and even more excited to have an excuse to dress up as Batman and Batgirl.

After everyone had filled themselves with ice cream, it was time for my first panel, about the legitimacy of genre fiction and how it relates to the real world with Katherine Kurtz. When we got there, however, we'd been locked out of the room. So there was about half a dozen of us standing there, looking at each other blankly, trying to figure out what to do next. We ended up hunting down the incomparable LeAmber, programming goddess and the woman you want if you need something done. She came right down with the key, and we settled ourselves in to get started.

Next was a panel about writing sex and death, with Katherine, Kelley (Armstrong), Tamara Sheehan, and erotica author Viola. Very fun panel, lots of giggling. And invisible hand puppets.

After that, I went home. Hey, today's schedule is extremely full, so I figured a bit of sleep might be in my best interest (and in the best interest of anyone who has to deal with me). More report later!