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Back in June, I lost my feline companion of 10+ years. It was hard, and not something I wanted to talk about, which is why it wasn't mentioned here before now.

The kids had a hard time with it at first, but for a couple of months now they've been asking for a new pet. Specifically a new cat, since I have raised a brood of catlovers. So today the husband and I went to the Humane Society and brought home Alice.

She's about 1 year old, very playful, and is adjusting well. She and I have become pals pretty quickly. And she has a beautiful purr.
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Cats and Pinups (but no Catgirl Pinups, sorry)

Item the first: Kitty is doing much better. We called the vet and while he was surprised at how poorly the kitty was doing post-surgery, he prescribed some more pills and told us to call back after a day or two to let him know how things were going. Fortunately, this meant we didn't actually have to take the cat back in, so everyone was spared the stress and added cost of that.

The pills started working right away. The cat stopped throwing up and after about twelve hours or so even started moving around the house (which he hadn't been doing). At this point, he's taken all his pills and seems mostly back to normal, although he's become much more cuddly than he was before he got sick. That seems to be the new norm, and I'll take it. Everyone is much happier now.

Item the second: I promised I'd share the pictures from the "How to Pose like a Pinup" panel at Keycon. (Initial write-up is here. This is going to get pretty long and, well, picture-filled, so the rest is behind the cut.

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Sven's cat is RELENTLESS

Simon's Cat

Warning: this might only be amusing to cat people.

It's not that often I actually laugh out loud at internet videos, but Simon's cat has managed it more than once. He has this incredible knack for capturing cats so perfectly, expressions and all, in spite of the simple drawing style. I'm pretty squeeful that he's come out with a new video.