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Anna's Secret, Innermost Thoughts

Yeah, that almost sounded interesting, hey? Too bad it's so misleading...

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Welcome to my blog! I use it pretty irregularly, and there are a lot of gratuitous lolcats and other things that entertain my small mind. Seriously, this is pretty much just a place for me to keep my random odds and ends, or possibly whining. If after that disclaimer you still want to friend me, please feel free! I'm unlikely to add anyone to my list who doesn't leave a comment or something to poke me to do so, though. Because well, let's face it. I'm scatter-brained.

If you're looking for my book reviews and literary ramblings, you can find all that good stuff over at genrereviews.

For those who like that sort of thing, you can also follow me on twitter, last.fm or plurk.

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