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Book Blogger Appreciation Week

Know what has the power of awesome? Book blogs. (Not that I'm at all biased on that front by any means...)

Because of the fierce awesomeness of book blogs, the people who run them, and the insane effect these blogs have on our TBR lists, Amy of My Friend Amy has organized Book Blogger Appreciation Week from September 15-19th. Everyone go mark it down on your calendars. I'll wait.

Done? Alright. Here's the lowdown: nominations are going down for book blog awards. Soooo... speak up! Make your voice heard and nominate your favourite book blogs. Clicky on the BBAW banner below for the list of award categories and the e-mail address to send your nominations to.

As a side note, they are adding Most Altruistic Blog, Funniest/Most Humorous Blog, Best Sci-fi/fantasy/horror/spec-fic blog, and Best Commenter/commentator as categories, so be sure to bear that in mind when you're filling in your answers.
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