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Avatar: The Last Episode

Dear Mike and Brian
Dear Mike and Bryan
Dear guys who created Avatar: The Last Airbender:

First of all, you'll have to forgive me. I'm not quite enough of an Avatard to remember how to spell your names.

I'm a relatively new convert to the show, my introduction coming through your ludicrously huge fanbase. (Some of the fans scare me a little, but I think that could be said of any fandom.) Most of my knowledge of the first two seasons comes from paying attention to the constant and enthusiastic fan discussions, as well as countless pieces of fanart. I caught the odd episode on rerun, but most of what I've seen is from the third and final season of the show.

I caught the series finale last night, and I have to say guys, not impressed. A lot of it kind of felt like you'd written yourself into a corner and had no idea what to do next, so things started happening randomly. A pinch of inconsistency, a dose of "let's ignore all the character development we've done so far," and a huge wallop of deus ex machina is pretty much what the final episode seemed to consist of. I'll admit I don't have a thorough knowledge of the show, but if someone like me, coming in near the end, can smell the dodgy ending, I can't even imagine how annoyed some of the long-time fans must be.

I was disappointed at the lack of character development for Aang, who was supposed to be the protagonist, but never really had to sacrifice anything or do any growing at all. The Fire nation, which have been a warring people for generations, are suddenly content to begin an era of peace because they have a new king who says they should stop fighting? What, seriously? And is Zuko's mother actually alive or was Azula just having an insane hallucination? Most of all, what was up with the sudden and awkward tacking on of the romantic "resolutions" at the end? There was no lead-up to either one, and as a result they felt forced, as if the two of you had previously decided this was the way the show must end, no matter what. I'm not speaking as a die-hard "Zutara" fan, either, since I didn't have any particular preference as to which way the romance went, but the way things wrapped up not only felt awkward and unnecessary, but a step back in character development all around. Poorly done, fellows.

I'd continue ranting for awhile, but I think I've given up quite enough spoilers as it is. Suffice it to say I found this finale a thoroughly disappointing end to a promising show.

At least the special effects were good.
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