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How to deal with an overflowing TBR box

sarlias sent me a two-month paid subscription thing, which basically means I can abuse twice as many icons. Icons are awesome and make my page colourful.

Alright, I have issues. We all knew this, but perhaps you guys can help me out. I have a ridiculously huge pile of books to be read. No seriously, the pile you're imagining as I say that is not doing justice to how many shiny new books I have right here. (And by "shiny new" I mean the majority of them I bought used, but they're new to me and that's all that matters.) I actually have them assorted according to genre and they're sitting in boxes next to my desk because there are too many of them to actually sit on my desk. Were I to have them all in one box, I would never ever be able to move it. We're talking a whole freaking lot of books. Most of which I'm actually pretty excited to get reading, so having a priority list doesn't always help.

Right now I'm in the middle of reading Joe Haldeman's The Accidental Time Machine, which is basically about a guy who invents a time machine that can only go forwards. Also, he can't control how far forward.

Next? I have no freaking clue. Usually I have some sort of game plan, but... not at the moment. So I shall force you all to decide for me. At some point or another, I plan to get them all read and reviewed. Y'know, eventually.

First, there's Mary Ann Mitchell's Street of Death, the story of a young woman surrounded by Jews in the middle of the Inquisition. She's eventually accused of being a witch, and it's supposed to be very dark and lovely.

For scifi, there's Kristine Smith's Endgame which I know very little about, since I grabbed it on a whim in the bookstore because I'm a sucker for women authors who write female protagonists in the science fiction genre. There are so few of them, it tends to stand out. From the summary on the back of the book, humans and aliens are at war, and the main character is the hybrid that both sides hate but she might be the only person who can bring about peace.

Michelle Sagara's Cast In Courtlight just came out in mass market paperback, and I since I seriously loved the first book, I had to nab that action. Fantasy/urban fantasy.

For a change of pace, I've got Megan Hart's erotica novel, Broken, in my stack. I'm not usually given to reading much erotica, since I like a little plot and character development in my books thank you very much, but I was assured this one actually qualifies as a story with sex in it as opposed to the other way around. So hey, willing to give it a shot at the very least.

ladyrevan sent me a copy of Peter David's Tigerheart, which is a Peter Pan-esque adventure fantasy. I was obsessed with Peter Pan when I was a kid, so you can bet this holds some appeal.

Brian James recently came out with the dark YA novel Zombie Blondes, which might not have reached the epidemic of Twilight levels, but is selling well and causing some controversy of its own. It sounds very much like a Stepford Wives but with more teen angst. And, y'know, zombies.

And because it always winds up coming back to vampires in some way or another, we've got JR Ward's Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 1), which is another of those big deal series I just have to check out. Also, it was sent to me by sarlias, who would of course never steer me wrong. ...right?

So tell me, guys! Make up my mind for me, pleeeeease. What comes next on my list?

This poll is closed.

Next to read and review is...

Street of Death (horror)
Endgame (scifi)
Cast In Courtlight (fantasy/urban fantasy)
Broken (erotica)
Tigerheart (fantasy adventure)
Zombie Blondes (YA horror)
Dark Lover (vampires, yo)

Edit: And it looks like Zombie Blondes wins out!
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