Anna (_ocelott_) wrote,

Hey, it's actual footage!

The video from the CCCAC Showcase is slowly trickling in. Basically they're putting everything up in segments, but mine was early enough in the show it's up already. I put it up on bhuz (the bellydance forums, for those not in the know) requesting critique and feedback because I was still afraid the audience commentary of "you were so beautiful" secretly translated to "I feel the need to find something positive to say about your unfortunate performance." I figured the folks at bhuz would be kind enough to tell me I needed a lot more study before taking the stage again if that were the case, and they'd even be able to give me some pointers on how to suck less. (I sent it to my teacher, too, but she's out of town right now, so I don't expect to hear from her until she gets back in another couple of days.)

At any rate, the general consensus at bhuz is that there are things I could refine, but it's not painful to watch.* So I guess I can put it up here without fear of accidentally torturing anyone who passes through.

*I'm exaggerating. Actually, the folks at bhuz were very positive.
Tags: dance

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