Anna (_ocelott_) wrote,

When I was 23...

I nabbed this from beafarhana, because I'm prone to doing things like that. This was the deal: "You comment, I give you an age (please tell me how old you currently are so I don't inadvertently move you into the future) and you respond to the meme questions with what applied to you back then, and what's true now."

She gave me 23, so here we go!

I lived in:
Same city, same apartment building, in the apartment down the hall. We moved in just after the first was born because they're older character apartments with plenty of room for cats and babies to roam, but still within a decent neighbourhood. Not much has changed there, although we've added a couple of babies since I was 23, and so it doesn't seem quite as roomy anymore.

I drove:
Heh, actually I didn't and I still don't! I decided when I was 16 I didn't like driving, so I haven't had a license since my learner's expired.

I was in a relationship with:
I was married to the husband. We're still married, so either we're doing something right, or we just haven't managed to screw things up too badly yet. Hopefully the first one.

I feared:
Not being able to have a second child. I'd already had a c-section, which runs a small risk of preventing future pregnancies, and one of my friends was experiencing the heartbreak of infertility. Obviously, now that baby #3 is a preschooler wreaking havoc all over the place, those fears were unfounded, but at the time it was a pretty legitimate concern.
By contrast, I think most of my fears --well, worries-- now are financially related. But let's face it, if the most pressing thing in your life is a lack of money, you're doing pretty good.

I worked at:
I think this was at the tail end of me working in the call centre for Pizza Hotline. Basically I took peoples' orders and entered them into the computer. Some really fun and interesting co-workers, but it was probably the most disorganized place I've ever worked, and considering the amount of theatre and performing arts I've done, that says something.
Now I'm a full-time stay-at-home mom. Even with 3 little bosses, it's slightly more organized than Pizza Hotline.

I wanted to be:
More creative! A lot of things changed when I became a mom, and the "young bohemian" lifestyle we'd lived before finding out our oldest was no longer an option. But regular jobs and babies complicated all the performing arts stuff we'd been involved with before, because most gigs aren't very accommodating when you're not as available as the next starving artist, and I think for both of us that was a bigger adjustment than parenthood itself.
Now? I mostly want to continue where we've begun, I think. We've got our three kids, and I think the five of us are pretty happy. Obviously there are things we could use (like "more hours in the day" or "a winning lottery ticket"), but we've found a nice balance that's working for us.
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