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Sucker for wit

Every Friday night at our house is movie night. The husband goes out for his night of geekery with the guys, and so the kids and I snuggle in to watch movies all evening. The weather is reasonable enough we're not afraid to walk to the movie rental place a few blocks away, which we did today and everyone got to pick a movie (ok, except for the baby). The kids get really excited about movie night, especially when it means they get to rent something shiny and new, and it's become an important tradition to them. It's full of cute.

On our way back from the kids' section, way at the back of the store, we passed by the new releases, and Easy A caught my eye. I'd seen trailers for it, and they'd looked promising, so I thought "sure, why not?" and added it to the pile. I figured I could watch it after the kids went to bed.

Most of the critics I've read on the subject weren't so keen on the movie. There's a lot of love for Emma Stone (who was indeed wonderful) but that's generally about as far as the praise goes. Which is a shame, because this is a clever, funny movie. The dialogue is witty, the script has some wonderful genre-savvy moments, and there's just enough ridiculous in there to change the pace every so often. There are a number of literary references, although at its heart it's a modern-day retelling of The Scarlet Letter in teen comedy guise. I'm a sucker for smart and funny (this goes for men as well as movies; unrelated, but while we're dishing...) and so I really enjoyed Easy A.

Which made me wonder yet again why so many of the movies and tv shows I love aren't well received by critics. Once upon a time I wondered if it was a reflection of my taste (or lack thereof) that an awful lot of my favourites were panned, but I've come to the conclusion it has a lot to do with the fact that I'm not a middle-aged white guy. I have my guilty pleasures like anyone else (yes, I am fully aware League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is a terrible movie and I don't care) but in general I think I just am not drawn to the same things as a middle-aged white dude. And nor should I be.

Then again, it's entirely possible I am a freak who enjoys wordplay and quick dialogue a little too much.
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