Anna (_ocelott_) wrote,

If you've never experienced weather this cold... can I move in with you?

It's cold out. It was below -40 this morning when I got up to get the kids ready for school. Which then involved a consultation with the husband as to whether they should go or not.

I do this ramble/rant every year. The thing is, when the temperature gets low enough, the school busses deem it too cold to run. The schools, though? They never close. So while the busses aren't running, the kids are still expected to get to school.

We actually live in an awkward spot, just barely too close to qualify for the school bus. So we walk. It's a 15 minute walk one-way, longer if it's been snowing and I have to push the stroller through fresh drifts. That in itself isn't so bad, really, but I then have to return home, making for more than a half-hour walk in -40 weather. With a baby. Three times per day. Really, it's the cold air exposure for the baby I'm most worried about. -40 is incredibly cold, especially when you're just lying there instead of walking and moving around in it.

As it stands, they went today because the husband volunteered to make the drive in the morning and things warmed up to -30 later in the day. (Sad, isn't it, when I say "warmed up to -30"?) Other days? I dunno. I think -40 was my line in the sand last year, where I put my foot down and said "no, it's too cold to walk to school." I'm thinking the same will be said this year. Because -40 is mind-breakingly cold. Seriously.
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