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Today the husband was home from work early, so we took the kids to the park across the street. For the most part, the kids ran around and played, the husband was there with them to push the swings or to help when they got stuck, and I sat on the nearby bench and watched. At one point, a pair of women approached me and said "You look safe. We're from out of town, and we were wondering if there's a washroom around here..."

I was taken aback by their greeting. I look safe? I mean, ok, as a woman I understand they might not have felt comfortable approaching my husband, a strange man. But to speak with me, these two white ladies had to walk past the black woman who was quietly reading on the bench across from me. Hmm. So in their estimation, the white woman watching small children play in the park is safer to approach than the black woman minding her own business, reading a book on a sunny day.

To be fair, I'm very pregnant, and this may have helped with the perception of me being someone safe to approach. It's hard to imagine someone 8 1/2 months pregnant being a physical threat. I mean, sloths could outrun me at this point. So sure, it's more complex than just white woman vs black woman. Then again, it's rarely that simple, and the fact remains that they had to walk past the other woman to speak with me.

It's something I've been chewing on all evening.
Tags: something to mull over

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